Committed to socialism

During the national act FMC Secretary General, Teresa Amarelle Boué, expressed the organization’s unwavering commitment to socialism and the leaders of the Cuban Revolution

From Río to Tokyo (+Photos)

From Río to Tokyo

The winners of the men’s marathon event received their medals during the closing ceremony of the 31st Olympic Games in the legendary Maracaná Stadium


UNEAC celebrates its 55th anniversary


Celebrations for the 55th anniversary of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) are taking place under the maxim from a verse by the organization’s first President, poet Nicolás Guillén (1902-1989): “This is how we must proceed”

Quality and rigor to characterize the upcoming school year


CIEGO DE ÁVILA.—The country has the necessary study materials and resources, including those which are imported, to commence the 2016-2017 school year this September 5, during which quality and rigor will be among the top priorities to strengthen the teaching/learning process.

Fidel and the advancement of Cuban women


The colloquium “Fidel and the Women’s Revolution” provided an opportunity to review Cuban history and challenge modern day “discriminatory culture”

A Slovak who admires Cuba and Fidel

Slovak photographer Andrej Palacko during the inauguration of his exposition Amor a Cuba, on display through September at Havana’s José Martí Memorial.

The photographic exposition Amor a Cuba captures historic moments on the island and different figures from the worlds of Cuban art, culture, sports, as well as state and government leaders


Honoring a women’s revolution


The incorporation of Cuban women in the workforce and public sphere since the early years of the Revolution, has been an important achievement in which the Federation of Cuban Women has played an active role


Re-opening Pandora’s Box


As the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords which put an end to 12 years of civil war in El Salvador approaches, a new decree is reopening the pages of this painful history


Raúl bids farewell to President Evo Morales


The two leaders held a fraternal meeting with the participation of Bolivian and Cuban ministers of Foreign Relations David Choquehuanca and Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, respectively

Olympic silver for Yas­mani Lugo

Although Yasmani Lugo put up a solid defense, he was unable to overcome Artur Aleksanya’s attacks.

For the second day in a row (August 16) Cuba saw another of its wrestlers ascend the podium, however on this occasion Yas­mani Lugo (98kg) left the mat with a silver medal, an honorable achievement by an athlete committed to giving his best performance in the world’s largest sporting event

Ninety years celebrated around the world


The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday was celebrated both in and outside of Cuba. Various messages of congratulations and activities were undertaken around the world in honor of the Comandante this August 13

A gift from the heart of Venezuela (+PHOTOS)


Performing for the first time in Cuba, the cultural delegation from the Venezuelan music project Corazón Llanero – an initiative by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro - arrived to the island on the afternoon of Saturday, August 13


An internationalist calling and commitment (+Photos)

The Cuban Medical Brigade arrives in Havana following 62 days of collaboration efforts in Ecuador, caring for survivors of the earthquake.

“A special mention must go to the Cuban Medical Mission in Ecuador, for their systematic and unconditional support, which allowed us to identify and understand the particularities of the Ecuadoran health system and helped us to organize our efforts with local and provincial authorities”

Raúl receives Iranian Foreign Minister


Army General Raúl Castro Ruz received His Excellency Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this Monday, August 22

The doctor I want to be

From left to right: Abraham Vela, Akin Ekunkonye, (2016 ELAM graduates), Kunle Ekunkonye (director of Community Doctors), Abeeku Ricks, (2016 ELAM graduate) and Elianne Martínez, third year nursing student at the Salvador Allende Faculty.

Just a few months later, the Latin American School of Medicine was inaugurated, in whose classrooms youth from the Americas, Oceania, Eurasia and Africa today learn the art of healing

Cuba’s Canadian friend

The Havana-based consultant lawyer for world-renowned Canadian law firm Gowling, says he feels like a Cuban, as he admires revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and is concerned about the future of the island.

The Cuban people are really very sui generis. I traveled through Latin America and Europe and found here a social fabric of solidarity, which doesn’t exist in many places. The human warmth, heroism, spontaneity, the ability to laugh through difficulties, are unique features of Cubans


Dance is my way of life

Lead dancer Viengsay Valdés and soloist Ariel Martínez rehearsing the duo for Oscurio, a piece featuring the classic tutu but with a non-traditional structure.

López-Ochoa is working on a new piece for the National Ballet of Cuba set to debut during the upcoming 25th Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festiva


Our beloved Canadian journalist

Canadian journalist Jean Guy Allard wrote convincing articles for Granma and Granma International, characterized by a direct and frank writing style

Latin American brigadistas salute Fidel Castro and his people


With messages of admiration and support for the Cuban Revolution, members of the 23rd Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity with Cuba Brigade dedicated their stay on the island to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on his 90th birthday

The beehive man (+Photos)

Oneido Gómez is one of the most renowned beekeepers in Cuba.

Oneido tells Granma International that in 2012 he had yields of up to 48 kilograms of honey per hive and that this year this has risen to 113kg. He adds that the amount of honey produced has almost tripled in the past four years and that he believes it will be even greater in the future

Yo, sí puedo implemented in Argentine prisons

Guillermo Cabruja (left), alongside Cuban program advisor Angel Raimundo Alvárez Alonso, are taking the Yes, I can literacy method to prisons in Santa Fe, Argentina.

In late 2013, organizers proposed to extend the initiative to poorer and more vulnerable communities, and in particular marginalized youths lacking in opportunities as a result of neoliberal policies


Struggling for a better world


The Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE) will meet today through August 13 in Havana to once again call for anti-imperialist struggle

Cuba guest of honor at Acapulco Book Fair


Cuba has been selected as guest country of honor at the Acapulco International Book Fair (FILA), Mexico, scheduled to take place September 27-October 1, according to municipal Culture Secretary, Julio Zenon

The vision of a leader that inspired a newspaper


That day I witnessed Fidel grow. His calm faced with the attempted interruption convinced me. I already knew of his power, but I was unaware that he also monopolized the talents of Martí and Maceo. A truly exceptional leader

Cuban flag flying in Rio

nuestra bandera

During a ceremony yesterday evening, Cuba's single-starred flag was raised in Río de Janeiro's Olympic Village

Cuban lung cancer vaccine: Survival and quality of life


These professionals agree on highlighting smoking as the leading cause of the disease and recommend people do not take up the habit, even out of curiosity. They note that those who lead a conscious and responsible lifestyle are more likely to be healthy and live longer