Youth across the country insist: Cuba is ours

Yesterday, October 24, youth across the country joined women and workers in denouncing the interventionist nature of President Obama's recent policy directive and demanding an end to the blockade

President of the Republic of Portugal to visit Cuba


The President of the Republic of Portugal, His Excellency Marcelo Re­belo de Sousa, will hold official conversations with Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, president of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers

U.S. subversion against Cuba continues

receta subversiva

Even while the ink of Barack Obama’s new Presidential Directive on Cuba is not yet dry, an announcement for new subversive projects against Cuba was published on the U.S. State Department website

The New York Times publishes article on torture in Guantánamo prison


In the editorial entitled “Torture and Its Psychological Aftermath,” published October 21, U.S. newspaper The New York Times asks if any government official will be held accountable for the harm caused to tortured prisoners of war, above all those incarcerated in the Naval Base which illegally occupies a piece of sovereign territory in Guantánamo, Cuba

A barrier to development


The U.S. blockade has caused losses of over 30,868,200 USD to the island’s construction sector

Machado Ventura calls for fast action in recovery efforts


The Second Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Central Committee, José Ramón Machado Ventura, visited the municipalities of San Antonio del Sur, Baracoa, Maisí and Imías, the areas most affected by Hurricane Matthew

Returning to a Vietnam ten times more beautiful

Hanoi, capital of Vietnam.

They say that anyone who spends two or three years abroad finds the country very changed on their return, and that this is proof of the thriving development that the nation has experienced over the past three decades


Second Venezuelan solidarity ship arrives in Cuba


The second shipment of aid from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela includes machinery and building materials, for the recovery of damages caused by Hurricane Matthew in the province of Guantánamo

Innovation at the International Center for Neurological Restoration


Improving the quality of life of patients with neurological disorders, using innovative, multifaceted and intensive scientific methods, is the latest stage of brain stimulation based treatment undertaken at the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN)

Cuba and Algeria, united by a close friendship

cuba y argelia

The visit will contribute toward strengthening the excellent bilateral ties - based on mutual respect - between the two governments and parliaments, as well as expanding cooperation in strategic sectors such as public health, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, agriculture and sport, among others

Alicia Imperatori dies

The prominent revolutionary was a founder of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and faithful collaborator of its president, Vilma Espín Guillois

The real owners of a language are those who speak it

Darío Villanueva

Darío Villanueva, director of the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) and president of the Association of Spanish Language Academies (ASALE) recently concluded a visit to the island on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Cuba's Academy of Language (ACUL)


Unique voices in Havana

Maestro Leo Brouwer (with microphone) alongside Artur Stefanowicz (left) and Xavier Sabata (right) during the press conference for the First World Countertenors Festival in the Alicia Alonso Grand theater of Havana’s main hall.

"In a time of so much diversity and such little inclusion, the fact that we could be here at the invitation of maestro Brouwer, makes this a beautiful moment for us"

All of Cuba in Baracoa


A team of reporters follows Hurricane Matthew's trail through the country's eastern provinces • Just when you think you've seen it all, another demonstration of solidarity appears


Colombia votes No to peace deal


The results are valid, as in order for the vote to be considered adequate, at least 13% of the electorate needed to vote for one of the options.

President Obama set to leave office, but the blockade remains


Talk by Josefina Vidal, the Ministry of Foreign Relations' director general for the United States, at a University of Havana event held October 17 to denounce the U.S. blockade and discuss recent announcements made by President Obama regarding relations with Cuba

End the blockade now


The tribute to campesino Sabino Pupo Milián, on the 68th anniversary of his death, also served as an occasion to demand an end to the hostile policy imposed by the United States on Cuba

Cuba and the U.S. sign cancer research agreement


The agreement, signed by Dr. Ro­berto Morales Ojeda, Cuban minister of Public Health, and Sylvia Burwell, U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services, is aimed at implementing collaboration projects

FIHAV 2016: The biggest yet

fihav 2016

With 75 countries confirmed to attend, the 34th edition of the Havana International Trade Fair is set to be the biggest yet


Persuasive reasoning


Modern times have been characterized by the strong presence of Information and Communication Technologies, seemingly inoffensive and subtle tools, yet with the potential to instill the values and interests of the world’s most powerful hegemonic groups.

The peanut vendor of Santa Clara


“No shell and no mask…just peanuts,” reads the Maní Bormey business card, a brand which in December 2012 offered the city the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of peanut. Today, the initiative, brought to life by young engineer Orelvis Bormey, offers over a dozen products made from this widely consumed nut


U.S. President defends normalization process


A new package of measures with a very limited scope was adopted, in view of the continued economic, financial and commercial blockade. Cuba remains committed to civilized relations despite our profound differences

Terror prefers the innocent

On many occasions, Cuba has been alone in her mourning, such as that October of 1976, when a brutal act of terrorism saw a Cuban aircraft blown up midair.

We Cubans have also been victims of this unequal distribution of condolence, just like that of wealth, much as we have been of terrorism, which has forced us to live with the death of 3,478 of our people and the maiming 2,099 others

Asia and the global balance of power

Asian countries have restructured their traditional economies to become the world's fasting growing nations.

Continual financial crises and slow recoveries have taken their toll on traditionally powerful countries, placing eastern nations at the center of discussion about future leaders

Healthy longevity for Cuba’s older adults


Walking the streets of Cuba, one notices the large number of people over the age of 60. According to estimates, this sector represents 19% of the island’s total population; which is why multi-sectoral strategies are being implemented to tackle population ageing

Impact of the U.S. blockade on Cuban tobacco industry

U.S. market off limits


Cuba's tobacco industry saw losses of 129,595,346 USD from April 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016

Economic sanctions, principal obstacle to the development of Cuba

French bank BNP Paribas was sentenced to a record fine of 8.9 billion dollars for maintaining, among others, financial relations with Cuba. The U.S. applies the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island in all its rigor.

Despite the establishment of a historic dialogue with Havana on December 17, 2014, and regardless of the official visit of President Barack Obama to the island in March 2016, Washington continues to apply economic sanctions against the Cuban population, sparking the incomprehension of the international community

Raúl: We will recover


Residents gathered in the streets of Maisí,Guantánamo, welcomed the Cuban President and reiterated their confidence in the Revolution


Pupo is here to stay

Leuris Pupo
Foto: Yander Zamora 26/05/2010

Rapid fire shooter Leuris Pupo talks about his experience in Río 2016

Joint Communiqué No.2

The Colombian government and FARC-EP will continue talks to consider adjustments to the peace agreement that was rejected by a slim margin in an October 2 plebiscite


The uncertain destiny of the human species

Fidel points out that the United States, the most powerful imperialist country that has ever existed, deludes itself when it claims as doctrine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Vigil to honor victims of terrorism


A gathering to honor the victims of the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner mid-flight off the coast of Barbados was held yesterday evening, October 5, at Havana's José Martí Memorial, with families of the martyrs in attendance

A vocation for chemistry


A young student from Matanzas wins International Olympiad Vocational school prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary  Sciences return to entrance exams