Vice presidents of municipal state administration bodies to be assigned

The vice presidents of municipal state administration bodies will be assigned from February 24-25

Cuban youth demand the return of Guantánamo Bay

Cuba regards U.S. facilities based in the territory as illegal, and a violation of its territorial integrity.

In addition to an end to the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for over 55 years, the return of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. Naval Base in Guantánamo also constitutes an essential step toward normalizing relations between the two countries

Argentine activists express their solidarity with Cuba

Víctor Cayetano Rocchi (far right) with Oscar Verón, representative of Argentina’s Cuba Solidarity movement (MAS-CUBA) and another member of the San Carlos de Bariloche Cuba solidarity group.

An end to the U.S. economic blockade of the island and the demand for the return to Cuba of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. Naval Base in the province of Guantánamo were the focus of debates during the 13th Camilo Cienfuegos Regional Cuba Solidarity Encounter, held in the Argentine city of San Carlos de Bariloche


A celebration of the best tobacco in the world (Photos)

A celebration of the best tobacco in the world

The 20th Habano Festival is scheduled to take place from February 26 through March 2, which in addition to celebrating the best premium, hand-rolled cigars in the world, will also see participants learn more about the secrets of one of the island’s oldest and most treasured traditions

Where is the demand packaged?


The development of the production of containers and packaging in the country can not be postponed, in order to respond to the growing need for these items


Lives waiting for a visa


The suspension of consular services at the U.S. embassy in Havana affects families in both countries, as well as scientific, cultural, and sports collaboration

How do elections work in Cuba?

How do elections work in Cuba?

The country is immersed in an election process that will conclude in April. Granma International explains the keys to the Cuban system

Cities that risk running out of water

Cape Town is suffering its worst drought in a century.

Cape Town’s devastating drought has placed it at a “point of no return,” according to City Mayor Patricia de Lille, and it could become the first major city in the modern world to run out of drinking water

Raúl receives Namibian Prime Minister

recibio raul16

The two leaders held a friendly conversation discussing the excellent relations shared by their peoples and governments, and reaffirmed their intention to work on strengthening these ties

Film and literature


Ediciones Icaic, the Cuban Film Institute's publishing house, presented a dozen titles at the 27th International Book Fair in Havana, with a thematic variety that should please readers who are also movie-lovers - of whom there are many in Cuba

Marta Rojas’ Yellow Luggage


This year’s 27th Havana International Book Fair saw the novel El equipaje amarillo(Yellow Luggage) by journalist and author Marta Rojas, presented once again by the Letras Cubanas publishing house, nine years after it was first released.

How is the President elected in Cuba?

How is the President elected in Cuba?

The person who becomes the President of Cuba's Council of State is chosen through a process that entails several steps, with the people and their elected representatives participating directly


Maduro: There will be elections come rain or shine


Speaking in a press conference from Miraflores Presidential Palace, February 15, the Venezuelan President noted that the country’s presidential elections will go ahead despite opposition sectors threatening not to participate

Geostrategic shale

Geostrategic shale

Numerous environmental groups have warned that the Trump administration’s policy of facilitating fracking poses a serious threat to the environment

Cuba cannot be defeated


Once again the Organization of American States (OAS) has demonstrated that rather than working for a more united and prosperous region, it seeks to create divisions and tension between all its member-states

Urban agriculture advances


Army General Raúl Castro Ruz was congratulated for his contribution to urban and suburban agriculture on the 20th anniversary of the program and the 30th of organic gardens

The cornerstone of community participation


People's Councils are the true, absolutely democratic authority in Cuban neighborhoods, the essential level of the socialist state's People's Power system, an idea Fidel outlined, describing these bodies as the cornerstone of community participation