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Díaz-Canel visits sites of social and economic importance

The Cuban Vice President also met with leaders of the Institute of Sports, Recreation, and Physical Education in the region, along with legendary athletes, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and sports

Victory Caravan reenacted

Young workers and soldiers from the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Ministry of the Interior recall the entry of the Rebel Army Victory Caravan in Holguín

The people greet Pope Francis

The people of Holguín and Santiago de Cuba come out by the thousands to greet the Pontiff

Scenes from Election Day

The Cuban people were the protagonists of elections on Sunday March 11. Granma offers readers stories and anecdotes from across the entire island on Election Day

Gibara’s sights set on tourism (+Photos)

The town of Gibara, the traditional setting of the International Low-Budget Film Festival, together with local government and the Ministry of Tourism, is developing and implementing plans to expand hotel capacities and general tourist offers

For Cuba and for Fidel

Granma spoke to citizens across the country who came out on November 26 to vote for delegates to municipal assemblies of People’s Power

A mega-project in the heart of Cuba

In its continued advance toward the province of Las Tunas, the East-West water diversion project is making a significant contribution to development, delivering water that will lead to greater economic and social changes

Damage by Hurricane Matthew

Venezuela continues to support recovery efforts

Cuba received a shipment of materials and equipment sent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa bridge