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Art on La Rampa

Art on the Rampa is much more than just the well-known name of the cultural and commercial fair, which has taken place every summer in the Pabellón Cuba for the last 15 years.

Beautiful Havana

“I love this city, so I made a film where you see the beautiful part of our Havana...They are real places that are there for us to admire, for us to enjoy,” said director Tomás Piard, discussing his new film, La ciudad (The City) following a screening for the press.

Poets who dedicated verses to Che (+Photos)

Following the death of Ernesto Che Guevara, 50 years ago, distinguished Cuban, Latin American, and European poets dedicated tender and beautiful lines to him

The 2015 Cubadisco Awards

This year’s festival once again saw a wealth of prizewinners

26th Havana International Book Fair set to open

This year, the festival of reading takes place in Havana February 9 -19, and will continue across all provinces, culminating in Santiago de Cuba on April 16

Ileana Mulet and her extraordinary blues

The versatile artist offers up her own dynamic, free, and fresh style, with a profusion of color, where extraordinary blues predominate

15th International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium

In search of an absolutely true Hemingway, the International Colloquium bearing his name is once again attempting to generate a greater and more profound understanding of this important author of U.S. and global literature.

A few glimpses of the Book Fair in Havana

During this 28th edition, the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress hosted dozens of book launches, colloquiums, conferences, awards, stands, and pavilions where 409,395 books were sold