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From Tokyo 1964 to Tokyo 2020: Japan tightens it belt

The Japanese have taken note that only rational spending will lead to a success similar to that of Tokyo 1964, when the Asian continent hosted an Olympic contest for the first time, then described by critics as the “Perfect Games”

Fidel and baseball

Few heads of state have shown as much interest in baseball as Fidel did, pitching and batting himself, celebrating the victories and suffering the defeats

Ana Fidelia Quirot: Challenges for Cuban athletics

“Today, our country has a deficit of sprinters and we must remember that there were other times during which figures such as Silvio Leonard, Aurelia Pentón, Silvia Chivás, Alberto Juantorena shone. We want to reach the top positions in short distance sprint events at the Central American and Pan American games”

The Cuban battle for a 4x100m Olympic relay spot

Cuba’s athletes have seen an intense struggle to secure their place at the Río Games ever since the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced the 2016 qualification system

Cuban pitching needs improvement

There are various reasons why the quality of Cuba’s pitchers has declined. The National Baseball Directorate held a meeting to analyze the causes, which include problems accurately pitching toward the strike zone, and inability to throw inside, given a lack of control and the resulting fear of hitting the batter

Two sides of a coin

Cuban baseball advances in the Canadian American League


One, two, three… What a cool jump!

“Every year that goes by, I can get better. I’m only 17 and I think the goal is to move forward. I’m not looking for records, what’s important to me is to get better, break my own records”


“The entire team has been present here in spirit”

Remarks by Carlos Benítez, second baseman and captain of the Cuban team shortly after it was knocked out of the semifinal of the recently concluded Caribbean Series in Guadalajara

Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame inducts new members

The first 10 legendary Cuban baseball players to be added to the newly reopened Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame received plaques recognizing them as immortal baseball stars in a ceremony held prior to the 28th All-Star Game on December 28