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Support for the Five in Europe

MADRID.— Cuban anti-terrorist Fernando González thanked supporters in Spain for their solidarity upon his arrival in the country, as an invited guest of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).

The Cuban National Ballet in Germany and Honduras

The Cuban National Ballet, directed by Alicia Alonso, with prima ballerina Yanela Piñera and lead dancer Camilo Ramos, will participate in the 20th International Ballet Gala, held September 27-28, in the Grand Opera House in Dortmund, Germany.

Venezuela looking to diversify energy sources

The Venezuelan economy, with an energy profile based on proven crude oil reserves of 298 billion barrels (the largest in the world), is looking to diversify in order to exploit the potential of other fuels such as natural gas.

Fidel rests in Santiago

Santiago de Cuba’sPlaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo now bears the remains of the Comandante. The square will host a commemorative act in honor of Fidel this evening, with the presence of the people of Santiago, Party and government representatives, leaders of mass organizations and heads of state and important figures from across the world

Sancti Spíritus chosen to host July 26 national celebration

The Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee Political Bureau has approved the selection of the province as the site of the national celebration of July 26th, taking into consideration the work done by cadre, leadership bodies, workers, and the people in this province, as an expression of a positive political and moral environment, reflected in popular support and participation in the Revolution's principal tasks and principles

USA and NATO staying in Afghanistan

The US-Afghanistan agreement sought by Washington, frozen for nearly a year by President Karzai’s refusal to subscribe, was signed with great fanfare in Kabul on September 30, the day after Afghanistan’s new president Ashraf Ghani was sworn in.

Pope Francis sends Cuban people video message

In his message to the Cuban people, the Pontiff said, “I am going to visit you to share faith and hope, so that we may strengthen each other in following Jesus.”

Evo Morales en route to reelection

Bolivia’s President presents 12-point government program to his party and leaders of principal social organizations