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Cuba rejects coercion

Cuba’s National Assembly of People's Power International Relations Committee condemns a European Parliament resolution as a new step in the escalation against Venezuelan and denounces false accusations spread by the U. S. government alleging the presence of Cuban security forces in this sister country

Irma's path turns west

At 3:00pm this afternoon, September 8, the Institute of Meteorology reported that as Hurricane Irma moves across the sea north of the country's eastern provinces, winds between 60 and 85 km/h have been experienced along the coast from Gibara to Baracoa

Panamanian journalists denounce U.S. subversion plan against Cuba

PANAMÁ.— The Union of Panamanian Journalists denounced, on August 21, a U.S. government funded subversion plan against Cuba - exposed by news agency Associated Press (AP) - to destabilize the country and its government.

Trial of former Cuban officials and foreign entrepreneurs concludes

Held June 9-21 in Havana’s Second Provincial People’s Penal Courtroom, was the public trial of Canadian businessmen Vahe Cy Tokmakjian, Marco Vinicio Puche Rodríguez and Claudio Franco Vetere, charged with the crimes of bribery; acts prejudicial to economic activity or contracting; falsification of banking and commercial documents; fraud; currency trafficking; and tax evasion.

Pope Francis in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución (+Photos)

Since dawn this morning, Havana residents and pilgrims have gathered for the Pope’s first mass in Cuba, at this historic site, with Presidents Raúl Castro Ruz, of Cuba, and Cristina Fernández of Argentina

Raúl and Nicolás Maduro preside tribunal at massive May Day march in Havana

President Raúl Castro is presiding on the tribunal at Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución José Martí Memorial to receive the massive May Day march celebrating International Workers’ Day and reaffirming Cuban workers’ commitment to the Revolution. Joining the celebration is Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Cuba.