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Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

AUTHORITIES from the Republic of Panama have announced the detention in the Port of Colón of the Chong Chon Gang cargo boat, flying the flag of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which arrived from Cuba.

Cuba announces new migratory regulations

New regulations announced October 28 incorporate suggestions made by Cubans residing in the United States and other countries

Party Congress less than a month away

The Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, scheduled April 16-19, will discuss six important documents, including an evaluation of progress in the updating of the country’s socio-economic model

Quality healthcare available to those most in need

BRASILIA.— The mission "More Doctors" concluded its first year with 14,462 doctors working in 3,819 municipalities in Brazil and providing health coverage to 51 million citizens.

Viñales: Nature and Cuban traditions

Those who prefer nature tourism will find in the Valley of Viñales, in Pinar del Río, a unique par excellence example of this option in Cuba.

The Rolling Stones to play in Havana

The legendary British rock band are currently finalizing negotiations to hold a concert in March, 2016, in the Cuban capital