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Renacer: songs to the tune of seven voices

Strong, clear vocals are what characterize the performances of new Cuban group Renacer, First Prize and Popularity Award winners of the Voces A capella competition during the Les Voix Humaines (Human Voices) Festival

Cuban medicine: A humanist vocation

“The community comes together to build clinics, organize consultation timetables and queues, look out for the safety and wellbeing of the collaborators, and support them in the smooth functioning of their work”

A young Cuban of our times

“These medical missions have enriched me as a human being. I help people with what I was taught by other professionals. I’ve always done it to help others”

The Americas young Cubans want

During an interactive dialogue, more than 500 students, campesinos, intellectuals, artists and community leaders participated in the debate ‘Youth and the Americas we want,’ experiences to be taken to Panama, where the Youth Forum and Seventh Summit of the Americas will take place simultaneously, April 8-10

Pastors for Peace continue support to Cuba

Solidarity with the Cuban people is being reaffirmed this month by members of the 28th US-Cuba Friendship Caravan, coordinated by the Interfaith Community Organization IFCO-Pastors for Peace

A scientific facility committed to life

The Molecular Immunology Center (CIM) is part of a Cuban plan to develop treatments for cancer and other autoimmune diseases using biotechnological methods, creating important medicines benefiting the population’s health, and contributing to the growth of exports

Cuba, a beacon of social justice

Chilean activist Leandro Lanfranco Leverton, director of the national commission responsible for organizing Cuba solidarity brigades from his country, talks about the historic ties between the two countries