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Hojas sueltas: Heartrending Women’s Stories

The desire to vindicate women active in the emancipatory struggles of Latin America motivated Swiss architect, journalist, and filmmaker René Lechleiter to produce the documentary Hojas Sueltas

Legendary Havana hospital renovated

Despite being over 120 years old, the General Calixto García University Hospital has been revived through a series of repair and maintenance works being undertaken across several areas, which are now in their final stages

Cuban-U.S. residents express solidarity and respect

The Coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, Andrés Gómez Barata, presented a book of condolences to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) in Havana, reflecting the sentiments of Cubans living in Miami following the death of the Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz

New horizons for event tourism in Cuba

The Cuban Medical Services Distributor (SMC) recently expanded its portfolio of opportunities in the category of scientific events tourism, with 28 encounters scheduled to take place this year alone

Cuba offers the world healthcare alternatives

BioCubaFarma, a 100% state owned entity, founded on the country’s highly-skilled professionals and committed to ensuring the population’s health, has been enjoying positive results over the last 50 year

French trade union leader supports the Cuban people's struggle

Pascal Joly, France’s General Confederation of Labor’s general secretary for the Ile de France region (URIF-CGT), described Cuba as an example to follow and a point of reference for the world, speaking to Granma International in Havana, after being presented with the Friendship Medal, awarded by the Council of State

French solidarity group supports cooperation with Cuba

In an effort to publicize the accomplishments of the Cuban Revolution and challenge the criminal U.S. blockade of Cuba intended to punish the country's people, the Cuba-France Cooperation Association continues its work, which began some 21 years ago

Latest developments in orthopedics and traumatology to be discussed in Cuba

Progress in external fixation is one of the central issues to be discussed at the 27th International Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology, taking place from September 26 through October 1 in the Plaza América Convention Center in the resort of Varadero

Japanese friends celebrate Cuba’s victory in UN blockade vote

Over 950 Japanese friends traveled to Cuba aboard the Peace Boat, an initiative founded in 1983, calling for a world free of nuclear weapons, and promoting a message in support of an end to wars, global sustainability and friendship among the peoples