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Healthy longevity for Cuba’s older adults

Walking the streets of Cuba, one notices the large number of people over the age of 60. According to estimates, this sector represents 19% of the island’s total population; which is why multi-sectoral strategies are being implemented to tackle population ageing

Book on the lessons of the military conflict in Southern Africa presented

In the prologue to the book, Risquet Valdés writes: “We know very well that together Cubans and Angolans won the war in southern Angola in 1988 and we forced South Africa to accept our conditions, the book Visions of Freedom demonstrates this irrefutable truth based on South African and U.S. documents, that is, the very voice of the enemy.”


Cuban healthcare unionists ready to celebrate International Workers’ Day

Committed to continuing to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism, the country’s more than 480,000 healthcare sector workers will celebrate International Workers’ Day with various activities taking place both in and outside the island

Neurological ailments and therapies for children debated

An analysis of the consequences of neurological problems in children was the focus of debates during the First International Neurodevelopment and Early Childhood Care Congress, held June 15-17, in the Grand Memories hotel, in the beach resort of Varadero

Venezuelans express support for their Revolution

Venezuelan diplomats and students condemned acts of aggression by the United States to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and expressed their support for the upcoming national elections on May 2

Health care facilities renovated

During 2015, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) undertook major renovations to health care facilities, including exterior paintwork, providing modern equipment, plumbing, electrical repairs, new furniture and increased levels of comfort for patients and staff

Cuba and Russia discuss medical- pharmaceutical exchanges

The Forum saw the participation of 10 companies, during which representatives also discussed licensing Cuban products for the Russian market; supporting scientific projects; technology transfers; and the establishment of joint ventures between the two counties

A Vietnamese journalist in his second homeland

In 2005 when I graduated I had to return to my country, my best friend saw me off at the airport, crying I told him: “I don’t know when or how, but I’m going to come back”

Washington D.C. to see Days of Action Against the Blockade

Various social organizations and personalities from different countries around the world are set to participate in the “Third Days of Action Against the Blockade” in Washington D.C, from September 11-1

U.S. Venceremos brigade offers solidarity

Members of the 48th Venceremos brigade from the United States, are visiting Cuba July 23-August 4, to learn about the construction of socialism and offer their support to the Revolution.