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A marriage nourished by love and science

“We understand each other in the productive routine of preparing classes, reports of scientific results, presentations of topics, or writing articles; we organize ourselves to cooperate with each other as necessary”

Champion of solidarity

All those who visit Bogotá’s central Plaza Bolívar in Colombia, on a Sunday afternoon, will come across Orlando Jaramillo Hernández, tireless fighter in support of the Cuban Revolution and for the release of the Cuban Five imprisoned in the United States.

Cuba was a turning point for this Chilean friend

Looking through photos and listening to Cuban music take Chilean Ignacia Paz Ugás Cádiz back to the years she spent studying in Cuba, from August of 2009 through July, 2014, at the International Sports and Physical Education School, located in San José de las Lajas, in what is now the province of Mayabeque…

Cuba, a beautiful and safe place

International visitors appreciate being able to stroll freely through safe cities of the island, a far cry from the violence of armed groups or criminals seen in other parts of the world

Obesity: A global health problem affecting Cuba

Obesity is also a global phenomenon, which according to United Nations statistics, affects one in every five men and five in every 10 women on the planet, causing low self-esteem, a negative body image, depression, stigmatization, marginalization, and isolation

Cuba and the Dominican Republic share longstanding ties of friendship

The fraternal ties shared by Cuba and the Dominican Republic will continue to grow stronger, the country's ambassador in Havana Joaquín Gerónimo Berroa said, upon inaugurating a week dedicated to his country's culture at the end of February

Cuba and Haiti: Two sister nations

Around 20 Haitian youths – members of the 4th Antenor Firmin Voluntary Work and Solidarity Brigade – visited Cuba January 4-11 and undertook various activities, while reaffirming the ties of friendship between the two peoples

Caribbean Association of Cuba rejects Trump’s racist remarks

President of the ACC, María Rollock Hernández, speaking to Granma International, noted that “Our peoples are working for peace and unity, and we are offended by these disrespectful and arrogant remarks.”