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A joyful and populous May Day march

A resounding call for a joyful, populous and spirited May Day march to celebrate International Workers’ Day was made in Havana during a Cuban WorkersFederation (CTC) provincial meeting, held April 27 to finalize preparations

Cuban pineapples in Europe

With the arrival in Spain of the first load of high quality pineapples harvested in the province of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba expanded its sales of this sought-after fruit on the European continent

Tobacco planting begins

On October 11, tobacco farmers in Cuba’s western province of Pinar del Río, renowned for the quality of its crop, began planting

Forestry benefits Cuban economy

Charcoal, pine oleoresin, forest seeds, sawn timber, pallets and wood chippings feature among some of the products sold internationally

Almost 80% of Cuban children with leukemia treated successfully

Almost 80% of children with leukemia in Cuba have been cured of this type of cancer, the most frequent among children worldwide, according to Dr. Sergio Machín, Hematology specialist and clinical pediatrician at the country’s Hematology and Immunology Institute (IHI), who explained that this accomplishment is on a par with results in developed nations.

New U.S. regulations on trade and travel to Cuba

The U.S. government has begun implementation of measures previously announced by President Obama, eliminating some restrictions on trade with Cuba, and travel to the country by U.S. citizens in certain categories. The economic, financial and commercial blockade remains in place, along with prohibitions on tourism and maritime travel.