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President Putin receives Cuban First Vice President

On Wednesday, May 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the First Vice President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel at the Kremlin, on an official visit to the country

UN offers Cuba full support for sustainable water management

The United Nations expressed its full support for Cuba this March 22, in order to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources in the country in the face of challenges such as drought and food security

A May Day of commitment

The march celebrating International Workers Day begins in Havana with President Raúl Castro on hand


President Díaz-Canel receives WHO and PAHO directors

In a cordial atmosphere, they exchanged on the productive ties that Cuba maintains with both organizations. The Cuban President reiterated that the island will continue to develop relations with the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization

Cuba says YES, loud and clear

The 86.85% of voters who cast ballots on February 24 said YES to the new Constitution, 6,816,169 Cubans who reaffirmed their commitment to the country’s socialist project, respect for rights, and inclusion - that is the full dignity of the people

Cienfuegos shines on its bicentennial (+ Photos)

Blessed by the sea and heir to ancient legends, the city founded in 1819 under the name of Fernandina de Jagua by Frenchman Don Luis Declouet, is today the Cienfuegos loved by Benny Moré and all those who come to visit