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Cuba, 31.1 % forest

Figures confirms increase in forested land over the last five years

New revelations about Viñales meteorite

A meteorite that made impact in the western town of Viñales isthe most noteworthy event of its type recorded to date in Cuba

Heberprot-P registered in 23 countries

Ten years after receiving its health registration and approval to be used in the national health system, the medicine Heber¬prot-P has been used to treat over 55,000 Cuban patients nationwide, with positive results

Safe Seas – Clean Seas Symposium begins today

The event will see the participation of more than a hundred specialists, academics, executives and representatives of businesses, government agencies, ministries, universities and research centers from 13 countries

Science for the management of marine resources

Topics relating to coastal engineering, marine protected areas, ocean observing systems and ocean influence on climate, among others, will be addressed during the 10th Congress on Marine Sciences, MarCuba 2015


The jewel that Fidel conceived

Built in just 19 months, on September 7, 1987, Fidel inaugurated the Immunoassay Center (CIE), charged with the mission of designing and producing technology for the mass screening of different diseases

Cuba prepares for the effects of climate change

Dr. Maritza García, president of the Cuban Environmental Agency, highlighted the role of science and the possibilities for action and decisions aimed at disaster risk reduction

Cuba reduces use of ozone depleting substances

Nelson Espinosa Pena, director of the country's Ozone Technical Office opened the CONTAT 2016 workshop, and reported on progress in Cuba eliminating ozone depleting substances

211 protected areas identified nationwide

By the end of 2015, a total of 211 protected areas had been identified in Cuba, 77 of which are of national importance given their natural ecosystems and cultural values