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Venezuelan Foreign Minister condemns CIA attacks

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada denounced the actions of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to overthrow the legitimately elected government of President Nicolás Maduro, this Monday, July 24

ASIA IN 2017

The world looks to the East

The impressive development achieved by the countries of the Asian continent in recent years has resulted in a greater global influence, thus allowing us to envisage a change in the international power balance

Ukraine: High tension & low temperatures

It’s February, and exactly as was the case three years ago, events in Ukraine are making headlines. Guns are again being fired; deaths and injuries are being reported. Low temperatures of below 20o Celsius are affecting the region these days, but they have not lowered tensions in a conflict, which far from nearing a resolution, is worsening

Palestine’s dilemma

Washington fuels the war with more than three billion dollars a year and Israel pulls the trigger


President Raúl Castro speaks to Third CELAC Summit in Costa Rica

President Raúl Castro insisted, “To develop unity within diversity, cohesive action, and respect for differences will remain our primary purpose and an inescapable necessity,” speaking January 28, during the Third CELAC Summit in Costa Rica.

Venezuela elects National Constituent Assembly members

A total of 8,089,320 voters went out to vote on Sunday, July 30, for the 537 members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), according to the first official bulletin of the National Electoral Council (CNE). The figure is equivalent to 41.5% of the electoral roll. This Tuesday, August 1, will see the election of eight indigenous assembly members