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Cuba was a turning point for this Chilean friend

Looking through photos and listening to Cuban music take Chilean Ignacia Paz Ugás Cádiz back to the years she spent studying in Cuba, from August of 2009 through July, 2014, at the International Sports and Physical Education School, located in San José de las Lajas, in what is now the province of Mayabeque…

A deep love for the homeland

Alex López is moved when he recalls leaving the island as a teenager, practically forced by his parents, and insists that his homeland was never far from his thoughts, throughout the 69 years of his life

Food processing industry seeking to advance this year

With a focus on import substitution, the Food Industry Business Group (GEIA) is working intensely to expedite manufacturing processes and ensure greater supplies of its assorted products to the population and tourist facilities, while ensuring safety, quality, and minimizing environmental impacts

Old Havana strengthening links with the world

“Our hotel facilities have seen excellent results…we have finished with a 119% increase in income, and 188% in profits, demonstrating greater efficiency.”

Young Italians building cultural bridges with Cuba

To honor the legendary Heroic Guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara on the 50th anniversary of his death in Bolivia, young Italians formed the 3rd Gino Doné Brigade and are currently touring Cuba through October 9

Cuban medicine: A humanist vocation

“The community comes together to build clinics, organize consultation timetables and queues, look out for the safety and wellbeing of the collaborators, and support them in the smooth functioning of their work”

Therapeutic clowns: Much more than the desire to heal

Sparking a good laugh in hospital patients is the goal of these creative professionals, in an effort to lift their spirits and contribute to a more rapid recovery