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Belarus & Cuba: Long-standing friends

During an event at the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) to celebrate his country's Independence Day, Ambassador Alexander Alexandrov described ties between the two peoples and governments as close and strategic

Nazir Rizvi, a true friend

Upon receiving the Council of State Friendship Medal, at the Cuban Friendship Institute, the outstanding pacifist, Communist and solidarity activist said that the Cuban Revolution is an example of social justice for the entire world

Fidel Castro: A champion of solidarity

We were witness to his vocation for solidarity, there following a natural disaster, an act of injustice, a people in need of healthcare, or youth desperate to study. He understood that poverty is eradicated through cooperation, not with bombs

The humane work of a Cuban doctor

The experience of providing services in Venezuela left its mark on Cuban cardiologist Daysi Luperon Loforte, who worked in the municipality of El Tigre, in the state of Anzoátegui, from 2006 to 2010

Heartfelt support from Europe to Cuba

Gladys Ayllon Oliva recalled that many solidarity movements have been petitioning their governments to support an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba, with activists in Spain leading efforts, getting more than 50 Mayors and city councils to publically express their opposition to the cruel policy

New book reveals extent of Brazilian solidarity with Cuba

The book Solidariedade Brasileira a Cuba - uma história de luta e paixão pela nossa América (Brazilian Solidarity with Cuba: A History of Struggle and Passion for Our America) seeks to provide younger generations with knowledge regarding the Brazilian solidarity with Cuba movement over more than 50 years

Cuba and Djibouti, united by ties of friendship

In an interview with Granma International in Havana, the African representative noted that since diplomatic relations were established in 1998, various agreements have existed between the two nations, above all in the fields of health, education, sports and engineering


International solidarity on May Day

More than 200 friends of Cuba from 34 countries make up the 11th May Day Solidarity Brigade, who have traveled to the island to express their support for the Cuban Revolution. The brigade’s activities extend from April 25 through May 8 and include participating in the massive May Day parade in Havana