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Ensuring timely decision making

Cuba today has some 100 weather observation stations, integrated in a functional network, the result of state efforts and foreign cooperation projects

Dialogue on Fidel

The 6 de Agosto semi-boarding school, located in Birán, will host the Generations’ Dialogue event, with the theme Fidel and youth

Damage by Hurricane Matthew

Venezuela continues to support recovery efforts

Cuba received a shipment of materials and equipment sent by the Venezuelan government to help with reconstruction of the River Toa bridge

Life saving experiences

Cuba’s experiences in the protection of human lives and economic resources are shared with other Caribbean nations through methodological advice, stated Idalmis Saura Hernández, project coordinator for the Area of Risks and Disasters of the UN Development Program (PNUD).


Offering continuous healthcare

50 years after its creation, the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Hospital continues to make scientific contributions that demonstrate the potential of the Cuban public health system, capable of guaranteeing healthcare to patients of all kinds and against all odds.

Protecting the city with passion

The historic network of plazas in Holguín was declared a Protected Area, by the National Monuments Commission in 2014, and is the focus of beautification and repair efforts in the city

Victory Caravan reenacted

Young workers and soldiers from the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Ministry of the Interior recall the entry of the Rebel Army Victory Caravan in Holguín

Absolute commitment

Cuban youth re-edit the Caravan of Liberty's route across Cuba from Santiago de Cuba to Havana, along the path Fidel and rebel troops took following the January 1, 1959, triumph of the Revolution, reaching the province of Holguín yesterday, January 3

A mega-project in the heart of Cuba

In its continued advance toward the province of Las Tunas, the East-West water diversion project is making a significant contribution to development, delivering water that will lead to greater economic and social changes

Che's passion for the nickel industry

Comandante Ernesto Guevara took a personal interest in developing the industry, dedicating his keen strategic vision and organizing capacity to the effort