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New medical services offered in 2018

One of the sector’s key achievements has been to maintain an infant mortality rate below five per 1,000 live births for the last 10 years. In 2017, the country achieved a rate of 4.0; proof of its continued efforts to consolidate maternal-infant statistics, to the benefit of Cuban children and families

I was born to be a doctor

A Cuban ob-gyn specialist describes her experience on medical missions in Bolivia and Guatemala

Bariatric surgery to treat obesity

Bariatric surgery is provided by various Cuban health institutions, but principally the National Center for Minimal Access Surgery (CNCMA), located in the Havana municipality of 10 de Octubre. The CNCMA is also a national reference center which specializes in endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures performed by highly qualified processions using state-of-the-art technology

Altruistic work in Nepal and Ecuador

"I have learned to improvise, look for solutions with the few resources at hand," says Dr. José Ángel Zayas Power, a member of the Henry Reeve Contingent who has served in over 20 countries

European brigade members express support for the Cuban Revolution

The 47th European José Martí voluntary work and Cuba solidarity brigade, composed of over 75 individuals from some 10 countries, is brining a message of support for the Cuban Revolution, as participants learn and become more familiar with the island’s people, during their stay in the country


FitCuba 2019

Visits are up; new international contracts signed; and companies doing business with Cuba assured of full legal safeguards given U.S. reactivation of the Helms-Burton Act’s Title III

Neurological restoration in Cuba, consolidating progress

CUBA’S International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN), has a long history in treating patients suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy, ataxia, and dystonia, among others, as well as conducting and applying vital research into the secrets of brain activity

Neurological ailments and therapies for children debated

An analysis of the consequences of neurological problems in children was the focus of debates during the First International Neurodevelopment and Early Childhood Care Congress, held June 15-17, in the Grand Memories hotel, in the beach resort of Varadero