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A joyful and populous May Day march

A resounding call for a joyful, populous and spirited May Day march to celebrate International Workers’ Day was made in Havana during a Cuban WorkersFederation (CTC) provincial meeting, held April 27 to finalize preparations

Forestry benefits Cuban economy

Charcoal, pine oleoresin, forest seeds, sawn timber, pallets and wood chippings feature among some of the products sold internationally

Lisboa-Jardines del Rey flight route inaugurated

The opening of a flight between Lisboa and Jardines del Rey, north of Ciego de Ávila, confirms the area’s sustained growth and consolidation as one of the principal tourist destinations in Cuba.

Tourism continues to grow

Yesterday September 8, Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero reported that the travel industry in Cuba continues to grow at a good rate, with a 17% increase noted thus far in 2015.

U.S. fishing enthusiasts participate in Hemingway tournament

The Capitan of the Hemingway Nautical Club, José Miguel Díaz Escrich, expressed his satisfaction given the presence of U.S. sports fishers, including John and Patrick Hemingway, grandsons of the famous U.S. author

Commerce and Credit Bank supports self-employed workers

Despite being the institution which has provided the greatest amount of financing to self-employed workers, the number of beneficiaries represent barley 5% of the close to half a million registered self-employed workers in the county

I want you free

Five young cyclists from Timor-Leste, Palestine, Colombia, Angola and Cuba are covering a 200-kilometer route in support of the Cuban Five