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Raúl in heroic Algeria

Cuban President Raúl Castro is making an official three-day visit to this North African country, his third since assuming the Presidency. His first stop in Algiers, yesterday May 3, was at the Martyrs’ Memorial Cemetery, to honor those who died in the country’s independence struggle.

Cuban economy grows 4%

The performance of the economy, implementation of Resolution No.17 and the impact of drought across the country were among topics disused in the latest Council of Ministers meeting

Cuban President visits Google’s NYC office

Meeting at Google’s headquarters in New York, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez highlighted Cuba’s human resources potential to advance in the technological field

Díaz-Canel meets with U.S. congress members

The President noted that the recent setback in relations, and in particular the blockade, harm the interests of both peoples and pose further obstacles to the economic development to which Cuba is entitled

Díaz-Canel undertakes intense work agenda in the capital

The Cuban President participated in the inaugural session of the International Justice and Law Meeting; visited the Cuba 2.0 International Food Fair at the Pabexpo fairgrounds, and met with Cuban artists who participated in the Peoples’ Summit, in Peru, and the Artes de Cuba Festival, at Washington’s Kennedy Center

Cuban President speaks at Riverside Church

Díaz-Canel and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro spoke at an event organized in solidarity with the two nations, in the emblematic New York church

Raúl: What we do must be constantly subjected to constructive criticism by all

During a May 29 Council of Ministers meeting, in which important issues regarding the nation’s economy were addressed, President Raúl Castro Ruz reiterated the importance of carefully discussing every measure implemented and analyzing all that has been done to date, to determine the small scale errors committed and correct them.