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Evo Morales en route to reelection

Bolivia’s President presents 12-point government program to his party and leaders of principal social organizations

Chile closes the door on HidroAysén, Patagonia celebrates

June 10, the Chilean government definitively rejected the controversial HidroAysén project, which proposed to construct five hydroelectric power plants in the country’s southern region. The decision comes after years of struggle by environmental groups and communities affected, who warned the world of the project’s destructive consequences for Patagonia.

Fidel beside Martí

On the morning of December 4, the ashes of the undefeated Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution were laid to rest in Santiago de Cuba’s Santa Ifigenia Cemetery

Statement by the Cuban President

Fellow countrymen, Since my election as President of the State Council and Council of Ministers I have reiterated in many occasions our willingness to hold a respectful dialogue with the United States on the basis of sovereign equality, in order to deal reciprocally with a wide variety of topics without detriment to the national Independence and self-determination of our people.

Conference against Homophobia held in Cuba

The 6th Regional Conference of the International Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans and Intrasexuals for Latin America and the Caribbean (Ilgalac), held at the Plaza América Convention Center in Matanzas, from May 6-10, is an expression of respect for diversity within the region.


Promoting Caribbean unity

The Seventh Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) will be held in Havana, June 2-4, where the adoption of a Declaration and Plan of Action will build on the ongoing revitalization process of the organization

Imperialism and the Ebola Catastrophe

"The present [Ebola] epidemic is exceptionally large, not primarily because of biologic characteristics of the virus, but in part because of the attributes of the affected populations, the condition of the health systems, and because control efforts have been insufficient to halt the spread of infection."


The digitalization of society, a priority for Cuba

Efforts to advance Cuba’s connectivity have been directed toward the development of telecommunications infrastructure capacity, with the purpose of strengthening social connectivity, and developing automated operations in strategic sectors. The trial balloon has been the opening of 154 Public Navigation Centers, distributed throughout the nation.