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A hero of our times

“There were times when I was young that I wondered what I was good for, and what the big purpose of my life would be. After these missions, I can answer these questions; today I know I have put my life at the service of saving peoples' lives"

Effective treatment for skin diseases

Havana’s Placental Histotherapy Center (CHP) is an institution devoted to research, production and the application of therapeutic medications and cosmetics manufactured with ingredients extracted from the human placenta

New medical services offered in 2018

One of the sector’s key achievements has been to maintain an infant mortality rate below five per 1,000 live births for the last 10 years. In 2017, the country achieved a rate of 4.0; proof of its continued efforts to consolidate maternal-infant statistics, to the benefit of Cuban children and families

Cuba, a beautiful and safe place

International visitors appreciate being able to stroll freely through safe cities of the island, a far cry from the violence of armed groups or criminals seen in other parts of the world


Cuban healthcare unionists ready to celebrate International Workers’ Day

Committed to continuing to build a prosperous and sustainable socialism, the country’s more than 480,000 healthcare sector workers will celebrate International Workers’ Day with various activities taking place both in and outside the island


Cuba combating depression

With a varied program of activities Cuba celebrates World Health Day every April 7; this year dedicated to tackling depression, a psychological illness which negatively impacts family, work and social relationships

Cuba and Djibouti, united by ties of friendship

In an interview with Granma International in Havana, the African representative noted that since diplomatic relations were established in 1998, various agreements have existed between the two nations, above all in the fields of health, education, sports and engineering