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Spain and the phantom Republic

Felipe VI began his reign in Spain amid difficult economic circumstances and a turbulent citizens movement calling for a referendum, to decide between a monarchic State and a Republic.

Ali, the legend

Films, books, radio and television programs, photos, posters and stories of all kinds surround the life of U.S. former boxer Muhammad Ali, who passed away on June 3, 2016, at the age of 74

Cuba sends condolences following earthquake in Italy

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) sent a message of condolence in solidarity with Italy following the earthquake which struck the European nation on August 24, reported the Cuban Foreign Ministry

Cuba’s policies on women highlighted at ECLAC meeting

SANTIAGO DE CHILE.—Cuba’s advances in the sphere of gender equality reinforced by government policies, were highlighted on November 19 by Alejandrina Germán, president of the Regional Conference on Women, which took place in Santiago de Chile.

U.S. State Department identifies Posada Carriles as planner of 1976 terrorist attack

A declassified 1976 State Department document, released June 3, identifies Luis Posada Ca­rriles as the most likely author of a terrorist attack on a Cuban airliner, which took the lives of all 76 passengers. The note, sent by two high level CIA officials to Henry Kis­singer, illustrates the States Department’s concern regarding ties between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and extremist Cuban émigré groups in South Florida