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Venezuelan oligarchy behind assassination plan

An oil industry executive, a fugitive banker, a former opposition deputy and governor, plus a daughter of the old Venezuelan business oligarchy, have at least two things in common. They were part of the 4th Republic’s corrupt economic elite, and involved in recently revealed plans to assassinate the country’s President and carry out a coup d’état.

Thank you, Cuban doctors. See you soon

One of Brazil’s most eminent writers recalls his first encounter with Cuban doctors in Africa. He laments their departure from Brazil, but admires their dignity in rejecting Bolsanaro’s attacks


U.S. relentlessly attacks Venezuela

Through various representatives, the United States government has undertaken a total of 105 hostile actions and statements against Venezuela during the first five months of 2017

Unity: A priority

The 5th CELAC Summit concluded on January 25, in the Barceló Bávaro Convention Center




The wall and old, unhealed wounds

This all forms part of a history which neither Latin America or the world must ever forget, much less when, now in the 21st century, we are seeing clear indications of a revival of imperialist aspirations, using modern-day methods

Díaz-Canel pays tribute to Agostinho Neto

Cuba’s First Vice President, placed a floral wreath before the monument to Angola’s founding father, Antonio Agostinho Neto (1922-1979)

Venezuela highlights Caribbean solidarity in the OAS

The Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Samuel Moncada, thanked Caribbean countries June 19 for their solidarity, which put a stop to the interventionist aims of this regional body against this South American nation