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Cuba and U.S. sign cooperation agreement on meteorological and climate issues

The agreement, signed by the Institute of Meteorology (Insmet) affiliated with Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment; and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will address issues related to weather forecasting

Book Fidel Castro: Guerillero del Tiempo presented in Shanghai

The launch of the Mandarin edition of the book is just one of the many activities being carried out this year by the Cuban embassy in China to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations

The struggle against the blockade is a struggle for humanity

Venezuela’s Minister of Communication and Information (Minci), Ernesto Villegas, stated that the struggle against the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba for almost 60 years is also a struggle for humanity

Cubans in Harare

Seven Cuban healthcare professionals are writing more stories of solidarity on the African continent, at Harare’s Central Hospital, overcoming language and cultural barriers to improve residents’ quality of life


A happy ending

Although the majority of the country’s doctors work in the capital of Maputo, the number is so low that a serious shortage persists, thus the vital importance of support offered by Cuban collaborators throughout the nation

Terrorism: Between hatred and injustice

Terrorism, in any of its facets, is inexcusable. Social justice is the goal, not building walls or expelling immigrants. If abuses are eliminated, a conscience of peace could be achieved

FMLN, 37 years of struggle

Founded October 10, 1980, the historic Salvadoran Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), maintains its guerilla fighting spirit, taking on every an important battle