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Venezuela reduces extreme poverty

Extreme poverty in Venezuela, measured on the basis of unmet needs, has been steadily reduced from 10.8% in 1999, to 5.5% last year, according to Elías Eljuri, president of the National Statistics Institute (INE) in Caracas.

Raúl receives Brazilian Foreign Minister

The Army General held a meeting at the Palace of the Revolution with Mauro Luiz Lecker Vieira, minister of Foreign Relations of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Statement from Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations

MINREX forcefully rejects the manipulation of an issue as sensitive as international terrorism, in order to advance a policy against Cuba, and demands that our country be definitively deleted from this spurious, unilateral, arbitrary list, which is an affront to the Cuban people, and discredits the government of the United States itself

New York Times journalist visits Granma

 Ernesto Londoño, a member of the New York Times’ editorial board, visited Granma’s offices and conversed with staff, during the afternoon of November 24

Raúl receives Vietnamese Defense Minister

The two leaders discussed issues of mutual interest in a fraternal conversation and agreed on the intention to continue strengthening ties between their countries

We will keep knocking at the necessary doors

"16 years of imprisonment have passed during which our friends have expressed their maximum commitment to Cuba, and put their professional and family life second to this constant struggle, Alicia and Bill form part of this selfless friendship", Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) said on awarding the Friendship Medal of the Republic of Cuba