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United in the struggle for a better world

"Peoples who are distanced from their identities, their culture, and their values are one step away from submission," stated Juan Ramón Quintana, Bolivian ambassador in Cuba, in an interview with Granma International

Tributes to Che promoted in Argentina

Remembering the 50th anniversary of the assassination in Bolivia of the heroic guerrilla leader Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, is a priority for many Argentines this year, as Lisandro Federico López, from the city of Rosario, told Granma International

Therapeutic clowns: Much more than the desire to heal

Sparking a good laugh in hospital patients is the goal of these creative professionals, in an effort to lift their spirits and contribute to a more rapid recovery

Colombian friends express their gratitude to the Cuban Revolution

Gratitude to Cuba for its efforts in supporting the Colombian peace talks was expressed by a delegation from the South American nation visiting the island, during a meeting held at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP) in Havana

Neurological ailments and therapies for children debated

An analysis of the consequences of neurological problems in children was the focus of debates during the First International Neurodevelopment and Early Childhood Care Congress, held June 15-17, in the Grand Memories hotel, in the beach resort of Varadero

Cuban aid to flood victims in Chile

Shortly after the March floods in Chile, which left 30,000 homeless, a small contingent of 17 Cubans arrived to support those affected - doctors, epidemiologists and nurses from the Henry Reeve Brigade, specially trained in responding to disasters and serious epidemics.


An internationalist calling and commitment (+Photos)

“A special mention must go to the Cuban Medical Mission in Ecuador, for their systematic and unconditional support, which allowed us to identify and understand the particularities of the Ecuadoran health system and helped us to organize our efforts with local and provincial authorities”

Puerto Rico continues its struggle for independence

Even in the midst of the difficult conditions in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Edwin González, representative of the Puerto Rican Mission to Havana, stressed that his country’s struggle for decolonization continues to be a priority for all those committed to social emancipation

The value of solidarity with Cuba in the U.S. and Canada

Ramírez Rodríguez, director for North America at the Cuban Friendship discusses solidarity with Cuba in the U.S. and Canada, focused on demanding an end to the blockade and travel restrictions