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Restoring sandy beaches

The conservation and recovery of these ecosystems is among the tasks included in the State Plan for Confronting Climate Change, approved by the Council of Ministers in April

Ensuring sustainable economic and social progress

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez presided over the opening ceremony of the 10th International Convention on the Environment and Development, being held in Havana’s Convention Center until July 10

Reservoirs at 35% capacity

Cuba’s severe drought continues with a total of 165 below 50% of useable capacity, while 118 of these hold less than 25%, including 26 which are completely dry

New vaccines under development

Cuba's Biotechnology Industry Group and BioCubaFarma are researching the potential of new vaccines, including a quadrivalent formula for dengue

Matthew approaches eastern Cuba

Expected this afternoon and evening, Tuesday October 4, are heavy rainfall reaching totals of 300mm or more, coastal flooding, and winds up to 120 kilometers an hour

Science and economy, hand in hand

CUBAN science, an indisputable product of the Revolution and Fidel’s visionary thinking, today faces the challenge of more swiftly linking to the production of goods and services, based on obtaining high-tech and innovative results and always closing the research-manufacturing-marketing cycle.

Where is Cuban science headed?

Efforts in this sector are directed toward advancing economic sustainability and technological sovereignty

Cuba reduces use of ozone depleting substances

Nelson Espinosa Pena, director of the country's Ozone Technical Office opened the CONTAT 2016 workshop, and reported on progress in Cuba eliminating ozone depleting substances

11th International Convention on Environment and Development begins today

Delegates from over 25 countries, together with ministers, vice ministers, academics and representatives of international organizations, will participate in the 11th International Convention on Environment and Development, which opens today in the Havana International Conference Center, and will session through this Friday, July 7