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China’s largest dam completed

Proposed by Mao Zedong in the 1950s, the Chinese government announced the completion of the mega-structure in September 2016

Working for the well-being of our peoples

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz is heading the Cuban delegation to the 5th CELAC Summit, which concludes today, January 25

The determination to win is more powerful than weapons

Leaving behind the failed attempt on the life of their President, Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan people continue defending the conquests they have won and advancing social transformation

ZunZuneo violates international telecommunications laws

GENEVA.— On May 8, during a International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Council plenary, Cuba warned participants in the UN sponsored body that the undercover ZunZuneo operation, created by the U.S. International Development Agency (USAID) to promote subversion, violates the organization’s constitution.

Cuban President arrives in Jamaica

President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez is in Montego Bay, as a special guest invited to the 39th regular meeting of the Conference of Caricom heads of state and government

The twisted truth of the right wing

As one who throws up a smokescreen, Luis Almagro considers it would be a “folly” for anyone to carry out a coup d’état against Maduro, while his office regularly receives Venezuelan deputies who call for foreign military intervention in their own country

South Africa celebrates Freedom Day

South Africa celebrated Freedom Day this Wednesday, April 27, which commemorates the first post-apartheid democratic elections, held on this date in 1994