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Bolivia is changing

For the traveler returning to Bolivia after several years, walking slowly down the steep streets of La Paz, a city perched among sheer cliffs at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters, the changes are obvious.


A brief stay in Río Negro

The CDI (Comprehensive Diagnostic Center) is the most visited building by residents and has all its doors open

Ferguson looks like a war zone, says U.S. Congressman

The use of military equipment by police in Ferguson, Missouri, against demonstrators protesting the killing of an African American teen, makes that city look like a war zone, said Congressman Justin Amash, August 15.

Broad international support for Bolivarian Revolution

Commenting on the December 6 elections in Venezuela, President of Bolivia Evo Morales stated, “As long as capitalism and imperialism exist, the struggle will continue because we are in the process of liberating our peoples.”


Correa temporarily withdraws tax proposals

In a gesture meant to promote calm in the country prior to the arrival of Pope Francis this coming July 5, President Correa announced, on June 15, the temporary withdrawal of his proposals on inheritance and earnings taxes.

Cuba is an expression of internationalism

In an interview, the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of South Africa, Thembisile Majola, praised the cooperation between the two nations

We will provide help to Nepal for as long as necessary

Today, May 8, a group of medical collaborators, part of brigade 41 of the Hen­ry Reeve International Contingent specializing in disaster situations and large-scale epidemics, departed for Ne­pal

Cuba joins international response to Ebola

After meeting in Geneva with World Health Organization director general Margaret Chan, Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales said that given the history of Cuban international collaboration, particularly in healthcare, Cuba has been asked to join the group of countries which will provide an initial response to the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Díaz-Canel arrives in China

The politician is heading the Cuban delegation to China’s commemorations of the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII

The dissidents

ALMOST everyone talks about how they believed in the official rhetoric of their country, in the mission of the United States as the global guardian of democracy, as the beacon of liberating hope, as an example for humanity.