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Mexico holds mid-term elections under shadow of violence

On June 7, under the shadow of growing violence, Mexicans will take to the polls to elect 500 deputies to the National Congress, nine governors and more than 1,000 mayors, while a high possibility of absenteeism threatens the political parties in this round of voting


Republicans urged to embrace new approach towards Cuba

Carlos M. Gutiérrez, former U.S. secretary of Commerce, indicated in an op-ed published by The New York Times that Republicans should cast aside past positions and join the steps that the White House is taking towards relations with the island

Cuba and Vietnam to strengthen agricultural cooperation

The vice president of the National Assembly of Vietnam noted that his visit contributes to strengthening the ties friendship and cooperation enjoyed between to the two nations and parties

Venezuela and Cuba strengthen economic cooperation

The President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Nelson Merentes, participated in an economic forum with Cuban representatives and more than 150 Venezuelan businesspeople


A great love story

In a poor neighborhood of Tinaco, in the state of Cojedes, three Cubans work to promote the social transformation of a community which has embraced them

Cuban collaborators in Venezuela celebrate July 26

The head of Cuba's mission in the sister nation reaffirmed collaborators' motivation and loyalty to the Revolution during July 26 celebration in Caracas

Cuba and Bolivia leaders in female parliamentary representation

Bolivia and Cuba occupy second and third place respectively, in regards to the percentage of women parliamentarians, according to a Global Women in Politics Map released March 15, by UN Women and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Evo Morales pays tribute to indigenous struggles

Bolivian President Evo Morales highlighted the struggles of indigenous movements from his country and Latin America against colonialism, during an act to mark International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples