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President Raúl Castro speaks to Third CELAC Summit in Costa Rica

President Raúl Castro insisted, “To develop unity within diversity, cohesive action, and respect for differences will remain our primary purpose and an inescapable necessity,” speaking January 28, during the Third CELAC Summit in Costa Rica.

The OAS’ obsession with Venezuela

The discredited Organization of American States has been targeting the Bolivarian Revolution for years

First ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference begins today

A series of projects featured within the association’s Action Plan, established in its 7th Summit, will be presented during this first ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference

Global trade unionists call for an end to the blockade against Cuba

Workers’ leaders from 13 countries representing the five continents, gathered at the Brussels International Trade Union Meeting, reiterated their solidarity with the heroic Cuban people and demanded an end to the criminal U.S. blockade against the island

Solidarity from Cuba for Ecuadoran brothers and sisters

Cubans support Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution, as demonstrated in a ceremony held in a central avenue of Havana, in front of the monument to General Eloy Alfaro, former president of this South American nation


Re-opening Pandora’s Box

As the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords which put an end to 12 years of civil war in El Salvador approaches, a new decree is reopening the pages of this painful history


Central America: The route of broken dreams

While Cuban emigrants have a practically guaranteed route to the “American dream,” given the privileges afforded by the Cuban Adjustment Act, their continental siblings must scramble through deserts and jungles to avoid border patrols and vigilantes

2015 in Latin America

A review of some of the most important events in Latin America and the Caribbean this past year

Cuba-Caricom: A reference for the region

Cuba and Caricom have developed a framework of economic and policy ties cemented in solidarity, cooperation and complimentarity

The IV CELAC Summit begins in Quito

Heads of State and Government of CELAC member countries referred to various issues affecting the region during opening statements at the IV CELAC Summit in Quito