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ELN: The next chapter in Colombia’s peace process

The light from a kerosene lamp illuminates the faces of several youths who, in the heart of the Colombian jungle, made the decision to rise up in arms to overthrow the country’s oligarchy and install a new revolutionary government

African Union condemns U.S. blockade

On the last day of the African Union Summit, held in Ethiopia, Heads of State and Government of the continental organization reaffirmed their unanimous rejection of the genocidal policy against Cuba

Nicaraguan Parliament reaffirms solidarity with Cuba

On March 1, the Nicaragua-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group reaffirmed its unwavering solidarity with the island, and willingness to continue strengthening bilateral ties

Cuba, a global example

In the context of World Human Rights Day, Colombian Henry Acosta, facilitator to the ongoing peace process between his country’s government and the FARC-EP, noted that in regards to human rights, today Cuba is not only an example for Latin America, but also the world

Development to offset migration

During the meeting on human rights of migrants, Amorós stressed the need to substantially modify the unjust and exclusionary international economic order, in order to target the root cause of the migratory phenomena

Anti-imperialist march in Lima

Demonstrators demanded the release of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and an end to political persecution of progressive leaders in latin America and the Caribbean

The peoples are present in Lima

Meeting today is the Civil Society Forum's Coalition 15, which includes Cuban representatives

Lula and the "crime" of the left

Lula's “crime” was to help found the Workers Party and give the trade union movement a voice; win the 2002 presidential elections with the most votes ever in Brazil’s history; and lift over 30 million Brazilians from poverty