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Cruise ship tourism expanding in Cuba

This year saw Cuba receive almost 20,000 cruise ship visitors, while prospects for the Caribbean remain strong

Cuban tobacco industry moving forward

Several new investment projects are underway in the Cuban tobacco industry, reflecting the demands of the domestic and international markets

Cuba’s dynamic tourist sector in 2016

In 2015 tourism generated over 2.8 billion dollars in direct revenue for the country, making it the island’s second most important economic sector, while as of October this year, 12% more visitors had arrived

Bird watching in Guanahacabibes

Favored by its geographical position, pristine ecosystems, and the exhaustive work of scientists, the Guanahacabibes peninsula, on the westernmost tip of Cuba, has become a prime destination for bird watching.

Los Caneyes: 50 years of Cuban hospitality

As soon as guests arrive at Los Caneyes Hotel, which reached its 50th anniversary this February 15, they sense the air of Cuban identity, present in every corner of the site, and in all of the activities undertaken here, to satisfy the thousands of clients who visit every year

Private accommodation: An attractive offer

Several forecasts suggest that Cuba could end 2015 with 3.5 million tourists having arrived on the island, almost 20% more than last year’s figure and a number never before reached in such a short period of time

Training for quality tourism services

Over 700,000 specialists have participated in staff development training since 1994 to ensure high quality services in the country

Venezuela, largest regional source of tourists to Cuba

The Island’s main attractions include its high levels of public safety; over 300 natural beaches; a varied ecosystem and high level of biodiversity; 10 (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites; and the hospitality of its people


Holguín, German tourists and excursions

The 37th edition of the most important professional event in Cuban tourism, set to take place May 3-6, will offer many singular attractions, according to information recently published by the island's Minister of Tourism (Mintur), Manuel Marrero