Special in honor of Fidel's 90th birthday

Faithful to his trust

“It would be easier for me to stop breathing than to stop being faithful to your trust. Always at your service”

Fidel is the visionary

The Revolution's cultural policy was largely defined in meetings Fidel held with Cuban writers and artists in José Martí National Library, during the summer of 1961

What many couldn’t imagine

Speaking to young athletes on October 22, 1973, Fidel made a claim that surely he would not hesitate to repeat even at his eternally young age of 90: “If I were to be born in this age, do you know what I would want to be? A sportsman”

The footsteps of a giant

Granma International recalls some of the most important moments in leader of the Cuban Revolution’s life

A talent for doing the impossible

With his proverbial optimism he taught our researchers to overcome major obstacles and never give up on realizing even the most utopian of dreams

A profound, illuminating conversation

I had never before heard such clear political or military thinking. Fidel has a penetrating psychology, and extraordinary persuasive power

To Cuba’s health!

Health is a right enshrined in the Cuban Constitution: “Everyone has the right to health protection and care. The State guarantees this right”

To arms…for love

“The most sacred duty of all humankind is to struggle for peace”

The light of hope

This “telluric force” – as Che called him – reasoned with profuse intelligence that only education would lead to the path of freedom, expressing within it an idea, a creative action, an understanding of life