Special in honor of Fidel's 90th birthday

A sacred son of the homeland

I am honored to have met him personally in 1952, and since then have shared with him all these years, during which I have seen him grow as an indisputable leader, surpassing the homeland's borders to acquire stature worldwide

The truth of our era

Fidel certainly needs no defense, or a mantle of adjectives, upon reaching his 80th birthday, but the fraternal love, respect, obedience, confidence, and unlimited loyalty we profess for him compels us to note some reflections, not mine alone, but those of his compañeros and our people, as well

The humanist and humanism

I would have entitled this article The humanist and the humanism of Fidel, if it hadn't been too long. There are enough experiences to corroborate his particularities in this area

Words at the ready

For Fidel, the press always was, is, and will be, a natural medium, a space where ideas are conveyed. His mark on Cuban journalism is remarkable and fundamental

Fidel at home

“Treat me like one of your own” Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro once told Cuban journalists, on another occasion writing that being among them felt like being among family

A global revolutionary

No one can look back over 20th and 21st century history, without studying the work and ideas of this Cuban who wrote a small Caribbean island into the pages of “true global history,” as told by the people