To compañero Raúl Castro, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba
Santiago de Cuba

Upon ending, with complete success, my state visit to the Republic of Cuba, I would like to repeat, on behalf of my colleagues and myself, my most sincere thanks to the Cuban President, government and people for the welcoming hospitality and exquisite arrangements they have offered us.

During the visit, I along with compañero Raúl Castro, made a global assessment on the successful experiences for the development of Chinese-Cuban relations, together outlining the promising prospects for future mutual development; while carrying out an extensive exchange of opinions on bilateral cooperation; the links between China and Latin America and the Caribbean; as well as important issues of mutual interest, arriving at extensive agreements.

We have established a common agreement to combine forces to open a new stage of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Cuba, to ensure greater development of bi-national relation in a new historical setting.

"A close friendship is deeper than the sea, while there is no greater joy in life than having genuine friends." In less than four years, I have made two visits to our sister country of Cuba and have met with compañero Raúl Castro on four occasions. I appreciate the many special arrangements which Cubans have made for my visit, and am deeply moved by compañero Raúl Castro’s personal decision to accompany me on my visit to Santiago. This reflects not only the great importance which compañero Raúl Castro gives to our bilateral relationship, but also the close, fraternal friendship which unite both countries. The friendly, mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Cuba will yield even more productive results.

I take this opportunity to send, through you, my cordial regards and best wishes to compañero Fidel Castro.

With the expectation of meeting you again, I wish Cuba prosperity and wellbeing for its people, as well as health and good fortune to compañero Raúl Castro.

Xi Jinping
President of the People’s Republic of China
July 23, 2014