Another chance at life

Lisandra with members of the transplant team. From left to right: Doctor Armando Caballero López, head of the Intensive Care Unit; surgeon Emilio José Nieto Cárdenas; Milagros Hernández, transplant coordinator for the country’s central region; Osmany Hern

There are currently over 3,300 patients in need of a transplant in the country, which despite the high cost of procedures and medicines, is provided free of charge by the state

Machado Ventura highlights importance of neighborhood debates


Speaking in Havana, José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Central Committee, expressed his confidence in the success of the second phase of the National Debate on Patriotic and Anti-imperialist Duty, set to begin over the coming days

A year later, the 7th Party Congress continues


A year ago, the undefeated Comandante en Jefe of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, left us a testament and a political duty: “working with fervor and dignity, can produce the material and cultural wealth that humans need, and we must fight relentlessly to obtain these”


Increasing business opportunities


This year foreign trade must be strengthened, while the foreign investment process must become more dynamic, in order to meet the country’s economic needs


The pride of having served Cuba


At the Havana cinema located on the corner of 23rd and 12th streets, almost half a block from where Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro proclaimed the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution on April 16, 1961, the 56th anniversary of this historic date was celebrated

Venezuela will not surrender!


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro spoke during the Act of Solidarity with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, held at the Havana International Conference Center in the context of the 15th ALBA-TCP Political Council, this April 10


Supporting vocational training and professional guidance (+Photos)

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz inaugurating the Ernesto Che Guevara Central Pioneers Palace on July 15, 1979.

The Ernesto Che Guevara Central Pioneers Palace, located in the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, and inaugurated by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz on July 15, 1979, is without a doubt a center for the enjoyment of Cuban children and adolescents

Cuba and Puerto Rico: Two sister nations (+Photos)

Fernando Quiles Franco (left) with compatriot and independence fighter Rafael Cancel Miranda at an event to demand the release of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, whose prison sentence is set to expire May 17, after it was commuted by f

The nations of Cuba and Puerto Rico are united by genuine ties of friendship. An example of these fraternal relations is found in Puerto Rico’s Cuba Solidarity Committee, convened every year by the Juan Rius Rivera Voluntary Work Brigade in an attempt to bring the two peoples closer together


Cuba combating depression


With a varied program of activities Cuba celebrates World Health Day every April 7; this year dedicated to tackling depression, a psychological illness which negatively impacts family, work and social relationships

Havana: The capital of international humanitarian law


At a time when global headlines are dominated by reports of increasing military spending, the development of lethal autonomous weapons and the devastating impact of war, the 2nd Encounter on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is taking place from April 4-7 in Havana


Cuban youth, the continuators of the Revolution


The Young Communist League (UJC), founded on April 4, 1962, has seen its membership increase. The organization currently has 300,752 affiliates and over 33,000 grassroots committees. It continues to respond to today’s challenges by calling for increased participation in its aim to represent all Cuban youth

Food processing industry seeking to advance this year

GEIA President Iris Quiñones Rojas noted that compliance with investment programs is monitored very closely and adjustments are made when difficulties arise.

With a focus on import substitution, the Food Industry Business Group (GEIA) is working intensely to expedite manufacturing processes and ensure greater supplies of its assorted products to the population and tourist facilities, while ensuring safety, quality, and minimizing environmental impacts

Close ties between Azerbaijan and Cuba emphasized

Javanshir Salehov, Chargé d'Affaires and head of the Azerbaijan diplomatic mission in Havana, noted the ties of friendship between his country and Cuba.

Bilateral relations between Cuba and the Republic of Azerbaijan are developing positively, stated Javanshir Salehov, Chargé d’Affaires and head of the country’s diplomatic mission, speaking to reporters in Havana

May Day 2017 celebrations announced


The Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) and national trade unions calls on the Cuban people to mobilize to celebrate May Day, in a joyful environment of unity and commitment in the defense of socialism, under the banner of “Unity is our strength”


Fruit growers moving onward and upward

Reportaje en la Cooperativa de crèditos y servicios Antonio Maceo de Bejucal, Presidente Làzaro Hernàndez Hernàndez

Cuba’s fruit cooperatives movement, which has been gaining strength since 2012, is experiencing growth on all fronts. However, the presence of fruits in markets across the island remains scarce, whether fresh or as preserves


Organization of American States continues to endorse foreign intervention


The Organization of American States (OAS) now confronting Venezuela is the same organization that has endorsed aggression and military intervention, one which has consistently maintained silence in the face of serious violations of democracy and human rights across the hemisphere

Granma province to see a six-fold increase in solar power this year

Once fully operational, the four solar parks will result in savings of 21,000 tons of fossil fuels.

With the first photovoltaic park installed in this eastern province already fully operational, and the construction of three new similar sites underway, Granma province will see a six-fold increase in its contribution to the Cuban National Electric System by mid-2017


Committed to agro-ecological models

Giraldo Jesús Martín Martín PhD, director of the center, highlights the staff’s commitment to contributing to sustainable local development through the use of ecological agricultural methods.

The scientific center was founded on March 8, 1962, by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, in response to work being undertaken in the agricultural and livestock sectors, regarding animal nutrition

A hill with history (+Photos)

Claudia Felipe Torres, PhD in Heritage Management and Conservation, spoke with Granma International about the university's architectural patrimony.

The University of Havana is the oldest and most prestigious in Cuba • Conservation expert Claudia Felipe Torres spoke with Granma International about the institution's history and architecture


The “grandmother” of all delegates


María Cristina Sotomayor, a founder of the first People’s Power bodies established in Cuba, inspires in her constituents the idea that any difficulty can be overcome with the participation of all

AlaMesa: Promoting Cuban culinary culture

The app's offline use was strengthened with the distribution of bulletins, and other alternatives to get the information out to the greatest number of persons possible.

For over six years, without fail, AlaMesa has released a weekly bulletin that reaches the mailboxes of users with information about new establishments, culinary experiences, help-wanted announcements, etc


Critical water issues analyzed


Opening yesterday, March 21, was the 2nd International Convention Cubagua 2017, in Havana's Convention Center

Municipal assemblies approve their budgets; they should be very familiar with them, and know how to control them

Municipal assemblies approve their budgets; they should be very familiar with them, and know how to control them

Under the maxim “Consolidating dialogue,” Presidents of the Provincial Assemblies of People’s Power and that of the Isle of Youth Special Municipality recently met in Havana, to address a broad agenda of issues which, on the first day of discussions, included details concerning the organization and realization of the fourth and last round of accountability reports by delegates to their constituents

Cuba honors Humboldt 7 martyrs


The 60th anniversary of the murder of four revolutionary youths outside number seven, Humboldt Street, Havana, was commemorated this April 20

56TH anniversary of the victory at Playa Girón

Fidel’s role in Playa Girón recognized


Fidel’s example of integrity and morale, the determining factor in Cuba’s triumph at Playa Girón, was recognized during an act celebrating the 56th anniversary of this historic event which has come to symbolize the heroism of the Cuban people

Supporting working mothers


Important measures to benefit working mothers • The approved 2017 Social Security budget rises to 6 billion pesos

Cuban doctors in Peru: A work of altruism


“We are ready and willing to overcome any adversity,” stated Dr. Ricardo Martínez Llizo, a member of the 23rd Brigade of the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specializing in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics, currently providing services in Peru, while speaking to Granma International

The unity that strengthens us


This Tuesday, April 11, Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, secretary general of the Cuban Workers’ Federation, and a member of the Party Political Bureau, announced the range of activities to mark May Day

ALBA-TCP Political Council to meet today in Havana


As a continuation of the 14th ALBA-TCP Extraordinary Summit, held last month in Caracas, Venezuela, this Monday, April 10, the 15th session of the Political Council of the organization will be held in Havana

A firm friend of Cuba


The diplomat describes the Cuban people as very supportive and willing to share their space and time to contribute to other causes

Cuban doctors head to Peru in the wake of severe flooding


Cuban doctors departed for Peru early this Friday, March 31, to provide services in areas of the country affected by the recent heavy rains. On leaving, they dedicated their solidarity efforts to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro

Cuban health technicians discuss their work and training


The 3rd International Health Technologies Conference, held in Havana March 27-31, served to promote research on public health systems and services provided by technicians, in addition to discussion of quality training for these professionals

Citmatel: Technology for all

Citmatel: Technology for all

The only enterprise in the country authorized to register internet domains is adapting to the updating of the economy, providing services focused on the production and distribution of Cuban contents in digital format

Raúl attends small family ceremony in Birán

With the presence of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and his sister Enma, the ashes of Agustina del Carmen Castro Ruz, who passed away on Sunday in Havana aged 78, were laid to rest this Tuesday, March 28, in the family’s mausoleum

Cuban youth support agricultural production


In the lead up to the celebrations for the55th anniversary of the Young Communists League and the 56th anniversary of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, this April 4, Cuban youth mobilized to support agricultural efforts in the province of Sancti Spíritus

Cuba inaugurates ocean acidification observatory


Dazhu Yang, deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Department of Technical Cooperation, inaugurated the Caribbean Regional Ocean Acidification Observatory in Cienfuegos

Robotic surgery training center to be opened in Cuba


The opening in Cuba of a professional training center for the use of robotics in medical treatment is big news, considering that the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the country by the United States, more than half a century ago, makes it virtually impossible for the island to acquire the latest technology in this field

Fruit growers set ambitious goals


Members of the Fruit Cooperatives Movement met in Ciego de Ávila and reaffirmed their intention to expand production for the national market and export

Regional forum on the future of renewable energy to be held


To be reviewed during the Ninth International Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Energy Education Conference (CIER 2017), is the efficient use of renewable energy sources and the search for new ways of applying them, according to engineer Joel Morales Salas

Cuba’s drought persists and intensifies


Speaking to the press, engineer Argelio Fernández Richelme, chief specialist at the Department for the Rational Use of Water, announced that from March, 2015, to date, there has been an intensification of the meteorological drought affecting the island


Great potential for growth


With a view toward seeking means to generate electricity with less dependence on fossil fuels (basically oil, coal and natural gas), to reduce environmental pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change, renewable energy resources are receiving greater attention worldwide

Fifty years of Cuban nephrology

The achievements of five decades of continuous efforts to develop and perfect Cuban nephrology will be presented by the Dr. Abelardo Buch López Institute of Nephrology (INEF), which will host various activities March 16 - 18 to mark the 50th anniversary of this specialty on the island

New cement plant in Baracoa


Key to recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, a modern cement plant capable of producing 30 cubic meters successfully completed trial runs and is ready for start up

March 8: International Women’s Day

Yoandra Ramírez Romero

Granma publishes the stories of two of the many Cuban women who struggle on in the face of difficulties and deserve to be honored this March 8


Díaz-Canel visits sites of social and economic importance

diaz canel

The Cuban Vice President also met with leaders of the Institute of Sports, Recreation, and Physical Education in the region, along with legendary athletes, emphasizing the importance of physical activity and sports

Raúl returns from ALBA Summit

The President of Cuba's Councils of State and Ministers returned to the homeland, yesterday March 6, around midday, after participating in the 14th ALBA-TCP Summit held in Caracas and tributes to Comandante Hugo Chávez Frías on the fourth anniversary of the Venezuelan leader's physical disappearance

Ecological agriculture in Cuba: Key to sustainability


Cuban researchers have shown great interest in generalizing use of techniques they have studied to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, protect soils, certify seeds, and control weeds, using natural products to eliminate pests and plant diseases

A land known for its metal casting

Lamp posts stand out among the best selling pieces.

Placetas is known as a land with a vast tradition of pig farming and also metal casting. This city located toward the center of the island is home to a long sandy street, surrounded by buildings featuring high doors and pointed grills, where in the heat of a Cuban February, one can discover “los bebos”

Council of Ministers meeting held

Among a variety of issues, four policies and the continuing education plan for 2017-2018 were approved at the meeting held yesterday, March 2

Fidel’s ideas remain relevant in the ACS


I hope we can further strengthen all these ideas within our organization, and we have high hopes, stated the diplomat from Saint Lucia on arrival to the Cuban capital to participate in various regional events, scheduled to take place next week in Havana

Maisí coffee harvest on the road to recovery


 3,328 hectares of coffee have been recuperated, representing 67% of the area affected by Hurricane Matthew, and 93% of the 3,564 hectares set to be salvaged in the first stage of recovery efforts

Hurricane Matthew in Guantánamo

Unicef praises recovery efforts


Unicef program coordinator, Victoria Colamarco highlighted the impact of recovery efforts undertaken by the people of Guantánamo, together with national and international support, following Hurricane Matthew

A step forward in Cuban technology


As part of the process of digitalization of Cuban society, an unprecedented project has emerged: the assembly of latest-generation laptops and tablets in Havana. Leading the initiative is Fernándo Fernández, who spoke with Granma International

Machado Ventura receives Vietnamese leader


José Ramón Machado Ventura, Party second secretary and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, yesterday afternoon, February 16, received Tong Thi Phong, a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam's Central Committee Political Bureau and a vice president of the National Assembly Standing Committee


The magic wand for rural schools?


At this time, Cuba's Ministry of Education is undertaking its third round of efforts to perfect the national school system, a process which, of course includes education in rural areas

English language studies in Cuban universities

idioma ingles

Some 3,000 Cuban professionals have been certified through the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test and ties strengthened between the Ministry of Higher Education and the British Council