Inheritors of dignity and courage


The national celebration of the Federation of Cuban Women's founding set to take place today in Camagüey

Dancing with sharks

Tuna fishing is always conducted in the presence of sharks.

Not even in the Gulf of Mexico area, where Cuban vessels fish for tuna, does anyone remember a fisherman dying in the jaws of a shark. Quite the opposite. The men who sail among them all year insist that their presence is essential to their fishing

Commitment of women recognized


In recognition of their outstanding careers and the revolutionary values which have distinguished their leadership within the Federation of Cuban Women, a group of women were awarded the August 23 Distinction, yesterday August 17, a few days prior to the 57th anniversary of the organization's founding

Guantánamero's women reaffirm loyalty to Fidel and Vilma


The commitment of Guantánamero's women to the legacies of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro and Vilma Espín was reaffirmed during a ceremony to present August 23 Distinctions to a substantial group of Federation of Cuban Women members

One fifth of the Cuban population is over 60 years of age


According to the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI), population aging in the country is expected to steadily increase over the coming years, while the number of young people and adolescents is set to decline

2017 according to Fidel

2017 segun Fidel 1

GranmaInternational shares with our readers some of the Comandante en Jefe's reflections and ideas on issues which impact the world today

Cuban electoral process debated in Havana


Residents of the Ampliación del Sevillano neighborhood in the Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, described Cuba’s political system as genuinely democratic, during a community debate organized by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR)

Raúl sends letter of support to President Nicolás Maduro Moros

The demonstration of popular support has been clear and resounding, faithful to the legacy of The Liberator Simón Bolívar and President Hugo Chávez Frías, expressed the President of the Councils of State and Ministers in his letter to the Venezuelan President referring to the recently held elections and the installation of the National Constituent Assembly

What it means to be like Che

Fidel had in Che a comrade in arms and in ideas.

We will be like Che! is a chant well known by Cuban school children, repeated during special events, as a commitment

Cuba to celebrate International Youth Day


With demonstrations of the art and work of young Cubans, the island will celebrate International Youth Day on August 12, which this year will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the assassination of the Saíz brothers


A beacon of fraternity, solidarity and collectivity


To offer health and hope around the world is among the missions of the more than 28,500 doctors from 103 countries who have graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), which this year held its 13th graduation.

New solar park opened in Villa Clara


The province’s second solar park, which forms part of a national program to increase the use of renewable energy sources , recently came into operation in the town of Caguagua

Cuba’s network of breast milk banks strengthened


The opening of the island’s tenth Human Milk Bank at the Gustavo Aldereguía Hospital in the province of Cienfuegos helps strengthen the network of institutions of this type and places Cuba third among Latin American nations with the highest rate of breast milk banks per million people

Navigating toward the future

Navigating toward the future.

The innovative Swiss vessel Race for Water Odyssey, powered solely by renewable energy, chose Cuba as the second stop on its five-year voyage around the world

Addictions: A contemporary social problem

Psychologist José Antonio Díaz Nóbregas believes that recovering from an addition, be it smoking, alcoholism or any other kind of substance, is a life-long process and recommends suffers join a support group.

The irresponsible consumption of toxic substances and irrational obsessions created by modern-day society with its technological innovations and mania for gaming, consumption, and the internet, have led many experts to classify behavior-changing addictions, as a modern-day human tragedy


Cuba denounces efforts to silence the voice of the Venezuelan people

Cuba denounces efforts to silence the voice of the Venezuelan people

This Sunday, July 30, 2017, during elections for the National Constituent Assembly in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the people demonstrated to the world that they are in full possession of their sovereign rights, and are firmly on the side of peace, in defense of citizen security, of independence and self-determination in their homeland


A legacy that grows


Machado Ventura heads tributes in Santiago de Cuba to honor Frank País and Raúl Pujol, on the 60th anniversary of their assassinations

The economy is the essential task, since it is the base upon which all the Revolution's conquests are sustained (+Photos)


Full text of speech delivered by José R. Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, during the commemoration of the 64th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons, in Pinar del Río, July 26, 2017, Year 59 of the Revolution


Machado Ventura: Fidel remains present alongside this people


José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Party Central Committee and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, delivered the central remarks during the National Rebellion Day celebration in Pinar del Río this morning

Building a computerized society

“Cuba must make progress in electronic trade and governance,” according to Dr. Miriam Nicado García, rector of the University of Computer Sciences (UCI).

Cuba assessed by the International Telecommunications Union • Class of 2017 graduates from the University of Computer Sciences


Distinguished by professionalism

“We modestly try our best to fulfill our commitments,” states Vivián Colls Puente, vice president of Auditing at the Havana International Center.

Auditing, consultation, human resource training, and international programs. These are the key functions of the Havana International Center (CIH)

No terrorist activity in Cuba, according to the U.S.

Justin Siberell, Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism in the Bureau of Counterterrorism at the U.S. Department of State.

“It was assessed that there was not sufficient information there to provide a report this year on Cuba,” according to Justin Siberell, Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism in the Bureau of Counterterrorism at the U.S. Department of State, quoted by U.S. newspaper the Miami Herald

Breathing new life into Havana’s hospitals

Hospitales restaurados

With the aim of improving the quality of services, two of the capital’s most well known hospitals, the Miguel Enríquez and Salvador Allende, are benefitting from a nationwide investment, repair and maintenance process, ongoing for the last four year

Pinar del Río completes its best tobacco harvest in 11 years

Some 3,000 tons of tobacco leaves remain in curing houses in the province.

Despite drought conditions, affecting plantations in the north of the province, Pinar del Río is reporting its best tobacco harvest in 11 years, an accomplishment that joins many others in the province where the country's principal celebration of National Rebellion Day is taking place July 26

The enemies of the left

If the powerful know anything it is how to distinguish their people from those who seek a more just distribution of wealth, reject the naturalization of inequality and believe that “human rights” are extensive to all human beings


Deputies set sights on the nation

Deputies discussed important issues related to the country’s development.

With the purpose of reviewing and debating issues of great importance to the country's development, the National Assembly's (ANPP) 10 standing commissions met July 10-12 in the Havana International Conference Center, prior to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the ANPP, to be held on July 14

European brigade members express support for the Cuban Revolution


The 47th European José Martí voluntary work and Cuba solidarity brigade, composed of over 75 individuals from some 10 countries, is brining a message of support for the Cuban Revolution, as participants learn and become more familiar with the island’s people, during their stay in the country

The work of a loyal friend recognized


Canadian journalist and sociologist Arnold August was presented, in Havana, with the Friendship Medal awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba; an honor which he dedicated to the memory of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz

President of Gabon arrives to Cuba


During his stay on the island, the distinguished visitor will hold official talks with Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers


Summer activities for all


With the added motivation of being selected to host the national July 26 celebration, the province has planned a broad range of summer activities

Cuba and Djibouti, united by ties of friendship

Nasser Mohamed Ousbo, ambassador of the Republic of Djibouti to Cuba, highlighted the strong ties of friendship stemming from the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1998.

In an interview with Granma International in Havana, the African representative noted that since diplomatic relations were established in 1998, various agreements have existed between the two nations, above all in the fields of health, education, sports and engineering

Cuba calls to take action against climate change

Cuba calls to take action against climate change

During the Intergovernmental Meeting for the Preparation of a Declaration of Ethical Principles in Relation to Climate Change, the Cuban delegation highlighted not only the environmental impact of the phenomenon but also its socioeconomic consequences

The Havana Malecón: The longest bench in the world?


Imagine, just for a minute, if Havana didn’t have a Malecón. Try to picture the city without this wide six-lane avenue and long wall which stretches for eight kilometers along the capital’s northern coastline…

With our feet on the ground


The Council of Ministers has approved a series of modifications to policies governing the awarding of idle land in usufruct • New regulations will take effect shortly


Getting ready for back-to-school


Preparations for the coming academic year are advancing as planned across the country, states Minister of Education on a visit to Las Tunas

Men and women of science and conscience

Esmeralda de Fátima Damiao graduated with a high academic average of 5.03 points in Educational Psychology from the University of Sancti Spíritus.

This year, a total of 256 Angolan students graduated in Cuba…Granma spoke with some of them and found that almost all defined their studies in Cuba as one of the best experiences of their lives

Restoring sandy beaches


The conservation and recovery of these ecosystems is among the tasks included in the State Plan for Confronting Climate Change, approved by the Council of Ministers in April

Fidel lives on in us


Eliodoro Pérez Reyes holds a degree in Agronomy Education and has more than a decade of experience as a political and student leader. He believes that the greatest obligation of Cuban youth is to immortalize the thought of Fidel Castro

Committed to solidarity

Fidel habla

The extraordinary contributions of Cuba's healthcare collaboration internationally owes its origins to the thinking of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, the greatest promoter of solidarity with the world's peoples, and advocate of this principle as fundamental to the Revolution's foreign policy, since its very inception

Fidel present in Santiago de Cuba and Birán


Thousands of residents of Santiago celebrated the 91st anniversary of the birth of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz with an extensive program of activities, including a tribute at the stone monument that guards his ashes in the Santa Ifigenia cemetery

Elections: Questions and answers (Part II)

Elections: Questions and answers

Our interview on elections in Cuba with Dr. José Luis Toledo, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power Commission on Constitutional and Judicial Affairs, and tenured professor at the University of Havana, continues below, addressing the nomination of candidates

Never to be forgotten pain


A new museum devoted to Cuba's resistance to U.S. aggression was inaugurated, yesterday on the 91st anniversary of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro's birth, with Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Political Bureau member and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, on hand

A family’s missions


Defined by their resistance and hope, six Cuban professionals at a Comprehensive Diagnostic Center share their experiences of working in Venezuela

Dialogue among youth, with Fidel always in mind


Faithful to the legacy of Fidel Castro, young people in Pinar del Río are discussing current challenges facing the world's population and the conquests of the Revolution, while reiterating their pride as Cubans, as part of the Provincial Festival of Youth

Risk management centers to confront disasters


The installation of 11 risk management centers and more than 52 early warning points are part of Pinar del Río’s strategy to mitigate the impact of phenomena such as hurricanes, which frequently affect this region

U.S. Venceremos brigade offers solidarity


Members of the 48th Venceremos brigade from the United States, are visiting Cuba July 23-August 4, to learn about the construction of socialism and offer their support to the Revolution.

An intimate portrait of a giant


The photographic exhibition Fidel: An Intimate Portrait was inaugurated in Havana’s Casa del Alba Cultural this August 1st, including more than a dozen images captured by his son, Alex Castro


Reenactment of Moncada assault dedicated to Fidel


The walls of the former Moncada Garrison were again illuminated in the dawn hours this July 26, the 64th anniversary of the assault launched by the Centenary Generation, when 160 young students reenacted the glorious action inspired by the legacy of Fidel

Various works unveiled in Sancti Spíritus


In the context of the festivities to mark July 26, the province has seen dozens of works in key areas for food production, the provision of medical services and recreation

Gelma: Supporting Cuban agriculture


The state enterprise group, founded in May 2001, is responsible for distributing wholesale goods and offering specialized technical services in the agricultural sector

Pastors for Peace continue support to Cuba


Solidarity with the Cuban people is being reaffirmed this month by members of the 28th US-Cuba Friendship Caravan, coordinated by the Interfaith Community Organization IFCO-Pastors for Peace

Women live longer, but have poorer health


According to Professor Jesús Menéndez, specialist at the Longevity, Aging, and Health Research Center (Cited), “elderly women (53.2%) outnumber elderly men, living an average of four years more…But living longer doesn’t necessarily mean living better”

Is it possible to meld the best of capitalism and socialism?

Cuba is a country trying to build a society different from one which the people have never experienced. This is a period of change and new, previously rejected elements are being introduced in the conception of the socio-economic model.

Enrique Ubieta, editor of the journals Cuba Socialista and La Calle del medio, talked with Cubadebate about political centrism, neo-annexation, and the permanent clash between socialism and capitalism, as conflicting systems - all important issues in the ideological struggle underway around the world today

Raúl receives President of the Gabonese Republic


Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, received His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic, on July 7, during an official visit to the island

Cuban deputies to debate almost 80 issues in parliamentary session


From this Monday, July 10, Cuban deputies will gather to debate a total of 79 issues relating to the country’s socio-economic situation, prior to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, to begin July 14

The pending issue of wealth


Is wealth becoming concentrated in a few hands in Cuba? The frequency with which this concern is expressed could be, rather than evidence of an already existent level of accumulation, a symptom of ambiguity and doubts about changes regarding the ownership of property, or a sign that people are noticing conditions, at least, that could lead to such a threat

Ties that continue to strengthen


The solidarity and unconditional support of Belarus to Cuba was ratified by Alexander Alexandrov, the country’s ambassador to the island, speaking to Granma International on the occasion of the Belarusian National Day, July 3


Renewable energy project serves educational centers


Collaboration between education authorities in the province of Holguín and the NGOs Cubasolar and Solidarité Luxembourg-Cuba, has facilitated the assembly and installation of 40 solar water heaters in children’s daycare centers, special schools and children’s homes

11th International Convention on Environment and Development begins today


Delegates from over 25 countries, together with ministers, vice ministers, academics and representatives of international organizations, will participate in the 11th International Convention on Environment and Development, which opens today in the Havana International Conference Center, and will session through this Friday, July 7

The President's Cuban friends


On October 25, 2016, the Veteran’s Association received a visit from Republican candidate Donald Trump, during which the board made the historic decision to publically endorse a Presidential candidate for the first time

Pinar del Río expands solar energy


Three new photovoltaic parks currently under construction will more than double the amount of electricity generated with the use of solar panels in the province, when they are connected to the national grid this coming September

Meeting student needs


Cuba’s Adult and Youth Education Program (EJA) is one of the most significant in terms of social impact

Cuban medical technology to ensure quality care


The use of technological advances to benefit society and their implementation in various fields, such as medicine, is one of the primary objectives of the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID), with the purpose of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the Cuban people


Che’s Memorial Complex restored for his 89th birthday


The Sculptural Complex dedicated to Ernesto Che Guevara and his comrades in arms has been completely restored to host the activities to mark the 89th anniversary of the Comandante’s birth this Wednesday, June 14

Living longer and better


The 14th International Conference Longevity 2017, which began yesterday June 6 in Havana's Convention Center, is focused on long, active life

Cuba’s sustained forest growth


Cuba’s forest area grew by 57,000 hectares in 2016. As such, the island reached a total of 3,241,000 hectares of land covered by forests, representing 31.15% of its total land area

Stella Calloni: Journalism and activism


The wealth of knowledge that Argentine journalist and writer Stella Calloni expresses in her conversations is difficult to summarize, but it is worth considering her concerns and ideals

Conserving mountain ecosystems


Cuba’s biodiversity is noteworthy given the presence of species of special interest nationally, regionally, and worldwide, with a high level of endemism in its flora and fauna, as well as a great variety of ecosystems


A solid friendship between two peoples


The fraternal relations between Timor-Leste and Cuba have borne fruits over the past 15 years of diplomatic ties, and there remains huge potential for mutually beneficial cooperation