Vilma’s struggles more necessary than ever


The Federation of Cuban Women remembered Vilma Espín yesterday, June 18, 11 years after her death, and 25 since she participated in the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna

Improving People’s Power

Improving People’s Power.

The perfecting of local bodies of People’s Power should provide impetus to development, said Salvador Valdés Mesa, First Vice President of the Councils of State and Minister, during visits to the provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque

Cuban President reviews foreign investment and exports

Cuban President reviews foreign investment and exports.

Duringa recent meeting to critically analyze the development of foreign investment and trade programs, Díaz-Canel described this area as fundamental to the national economy’s growth and development, noting that we must be audacious and creative in the way we approach it

First draft of proposed new Constitution progressing


Wide-ranging and profound discussion has continued among members of the commission charged with writing the first draft of a new Constitution, with the goal of putting a document into the hands of the people that will strengthen the Revolution

53% of scientists in Cuba are women

Staff at the Immunoassay Center’s Biosensors plant.

Some 86,426 individuals work in Cuba’s science sector, 53% of whom are women, according to the President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) Dr. Luis C. Velázquez Pérez speaking during the First International Science and Education Congress

A model revolutionary


On the 90th anniversary of Che’s birth, Granma presents excerpts from Fidel’s speech given October 18, 1967, during the memorial ceremony for Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución


The feats of a Titan

“I have no other wish but for a free and sovereign homeland.”

“Whoever tries to conquer Cuba, will gather the dust of her blood-soaked soil, if he does not perish in fight”

Cuban government focused on recovery

Cuban government focused on recovery

Recovery efforts were reviewed during another videoconference between President Diaz-Canel and authorities in provinces recently hit by heavy rainfall

A deep love for the homeland

Primera salida de cubanos hacia Miami, Estados Unidos, via Varadero. Vuelos de la Pan American Arlines.
Sobre de Negativos 1-12-65

Alex López is moved when he recalls leaving the island as a teenager, practically forced by his parents, and insists that his homeland was never far from his thoughts, throughout the 69 years of his life

Survivor of May 18 air disaster in critical condition

On June 8, Maylén Díaz Almaguer, the only survivor of the May 18 air disaster in Havana, was reported to be in a critical condition with a high risk of complications, after developing an infection in her third week of treatment

A country that advances based on its roots


Deputies of the Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power approved the beginning of the constitutional reform process, vital to the nation’s future

Machado Ventura receives a delegation from the Broad Front of Uruguay


José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Party Central Committee, received Javier Miranda, president of Uruguay’s Frente Amplio (Broad Front), on Wednesday afternoon. During the meeting, the Uruguayan party reiterated the readiness to attend the São Paulo Forum to take place in Cuba this July

The rights of children in Cuba

The rights of children in Cuba.

Cuba’s Constitution recognizes the elemental rights of every child, regardless of sex, race, or social origin, and does not leave their protection to institutional goodwill or individual charity


Our conquests codified in a single document

Fidel voting to approve the 1976 Constitution.

More than just words, ideas, and principles written on a few pieces of paper, even its definition as the Fundamental Law of Our Republic fails to capture the significance of the 137 articles which make up Cuba’s Magna Carta, because to speak of the Constitution is to speak of the State, equality, rights, democracy, social justice, respect for the full dignity of all humans…


Commission working on Constitutional reform holds initial sessions


With Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, chairing the meeting as president of the commission, members began their work hearing reports on studies previously carried out, which will serve as a foundation for their efforts

Cuba’s socialist system is irrevocable, an unshakable pillar


Remarks by President Miguel M. Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power 9th Legislature, June 2, introducing the commission charged with drafting and proposing a new Constitution of the Republic

Production with environmental conscience


Preventing, mitigating, and eliminating the negative environmental impact of its production process is an important objective of the Cubay rum distillery in Santo Domingo

Africa and Cuba united by friendship and solidarity

José Prieto Cintado, ICAP vice president and Yahimí Rodríguez Flores, note that despite material scarcities in Africa and the Middle East, solidarity organizations work hard to support the island and revolutionary social processes worldwide.

There are 95 Cuba solidarity associations working to strengthen ties of friendship with the island, across 45 countries in Africa and the Middle East, according to José Prieto Cintado, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), speaking with Granma International about the work undertaken by these groups last year

What is the protocol to investigate air accidents in Cuba?


Following the plane crash in Havana on May 18, a commission was created to investigate the incident. Granma spoke with authorities at the Civil Aviation Institute of Cuba (IACC) to learn about the protocols the country follows when faced with this type of accident

All victims of May 18 air disaster identified

The Institute of Forensic Medicine reported May 27, that the bodies of victims of the recent air disaster in Havana have all been positively identified and delivered to family members

One of three survivors of Havana air disaster passes away

A press release from the Ministry of Public Health informs that despite the efforts of the multidisciplinary team in charge of her care, Gretell Landrove Font became the 111th victim of the air disaster that shook Cuba May 18

The wrath of loving men

Lázaro (right), with Pascual Corbea Jiménez, another of the Ciego de Ävila natives who shed blood in Cassinga.

Lázaro Martínez Pérez, a humble man from Ciego de Ávila, recounts, with confidence and modesty, the story of how 40 years ago he faced enemy planes unloading their fury on residents of a small Angolan enclave, an event the world knows as the Cassinga Massacre