U.S. sanctions Cuban oil importer

U.S. sanctions Cuban oil importer.

Justifying the aggressive move, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated: “Sanctions on Cubametales will disrupt Maduro’s attempts to use Venezuela’s oil as a bargaining tool to help his supporters purchase protection from Cuba and other malign foreign actors”

Digital totalitarianism?


The U.S. State Department has announced that anyone requesting a visa to travel to the country must submit their social media profiles, email addresses, and telephone numbers used in the last five years


Why Guaidó won’t accept elections

Juan Guaidó with Colombian President Iván Duque and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

The time will soon come for the “self-proclaimed President” to answer to the people, and be held accountable for attempting to usurp a position to which he has no right

Cuban medical collaboration: A source of life


Cuba not only prides itself on having a rate of 8.5 doctors per thousand inhabitants, one of the best in the world, but also having provided the services of 407,000 health professionals in 164 countries on all continents since 1963

The many child victims of the same killer


Be it fundamentalist groups as in Iraq, or the wars and sanctions applied by the U.S. government against countries such as Venezuela, the killer is the same: terrorism

Strengthening regional customs integration

Signing of the agreement to create the Caribbean Customs Organization.

The 41st Annual Conference of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council, held May 22 through 24 in Havana’s Hotel Nacional, saw the signing of an agreement to give rise to the Caribbean Customs Organization

Panama recognizes that seized drugs are not attributable to Cuba

Cuba has a zero tolerance drug policy.

Panamanian authorities refuted media reports implicating Cuba in drug trafficking after finding cocaine in a container exporting charcoal from the island to Turkey, noting that theseized drugs were likely introduced into the container in Panamanian territory

Trump intent on erasing Palestine


U.S. President Donald Trump has come up with what he calls the “Deal of the Century,” the sole purpose of which is to finally remove Palestine from the world stage and put an end to the existence of the state.

Cuban “troops” saving lives in Venezuela

las tropas

Cubans are truly committed to the principle of sovereignty, we are protective of our independence, and we would never do to others what we would not allow to be done to ourselves

Lighting the path forward

Oraima and Tundidor, two stalwarts of the Cuban electrical mission in Venezuela.

While imperialism chooses sabotage and chaos, Cuban professionals, collaborating in Venezuela’s electricity sector for the last nine years, opt for the light of development

The Caribbean, a crucible of sovereign nations

The most recent ACS Summit was held in Managua, Nicaragua.

The Association of Caribbean States is devoted to cooperation and concerted action by its 25 member states and three associate members, focused on trade, transport, sustainable tourism, and disaster risk reduction

Huawei to counter US allegations in court

Granma visited the headquarters of Huawei telecommunication company in China a few weeks after the administration of Donald Trump place the Asian technological giant in a blacklist under allegations of espionage, without evidence.

The Open Hand of the Government and the Closed Fist of the Opposition


“Our path is the dialogue, the respect to the Constitution, to peace, democracy, progress and to the settlement of problems,” President Nicolas Maduro said. He also thanked the government of Norway and the governmental delegation taking part in the dialogue with the opposition of the Bolivarian nation.

We will stand by El Salvador


Gladys Bejerano Portela, a vice president of Cuba's Council of State, attended the June 1 inauguration of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele

ALBA, as inspiring as it is necessary

Acto Central por el 10mo Aniversario de la visita de Hugo Chavez Frìas, presidente de la Repùblica Bolivariana de Venezuela a Cuba en el Teatro Karl Marx, Ciudad Habana, Cuba.
  14 - Dic.- 2004
  Foto: Ahmed Velàzquez/Granma Internacional 2004

The founding of ALBA, in December 2004, was undoubtedly one of the greatest expressions of unity and solidarity in Latin American and Caribbean history

U.S. master plan to destroy Bolivarian Venezuela


This perverse subversion project, revealed by Argentine intellectual Stella Calloni, includes harassing and ridiculing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, to cast him as simple-minded and incompetent

Nothing will silence Lula


Cuban President Díaz-Canel Bermúdez tweets support for the demand that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva be freed immediately

Cuban collaboration: Principles and truths from Venezuela


Everyone knows the reality in Venezuela. Assistance is based on medical ethics: No patient is asked about political affiliation or payment. Doctors are trained in the values ​​of the Revolution, which speak for themselves, no inoculation is needed

Venezuela is not alone


The Venezuelan people are mobilized, following the call of their legitimate President,Nicolás Maduro, to defend their sovereignty, peace and constitutionality. The Bolivarian nation also has the majority support of the international community

The new president of Mexico


Andrés Manuel López Obrador was inaugurated as President of Mexico, yesterday December 1, and Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez was on hand for the ceremony