Venezuela highlights Caribbean solidarity in the OAS


The Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Samuel Moncada, thanked Caribbean countries June 19 for their solidarity, which put a stop to the interventionist aims of this regional body against this South American nation

Ten keys to Donald Trump's policy toward Cuba


The change in policy toward Cuba, announced June 16 by U.S. President Donald Trump, implies a setback in bilateral relations • Granma shares opinions and analysis from both sides of the Florida Straits

The end of Brazil’s economic recession?

Economist Marcio Pochmann notes that the crisis continues and everything indicates that the pace of economic downturn merely slowed, due to isolated and external factors.

Vaunted as the end of the recession by President Michel Temer, the modest growth in Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2017 was described by economists as chicken feed

Africa and Cuba: bound by a single sentiment


Hundreds of delegates from countries such as Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria approved the Final Declaration of Africa’s Fifth Continental Cuba Solidarity Conference

Testimony from a sister country


Day after day, in dissimilar points within Venezuelan territory, Cuban health professionals, along with those from the country, show that solidarity can change the fate of humanity

The little known Africa

Several African countries have recently established free or compulsory primary education.

Although the mainstream media focuses daily on negative news stories in Africa, there is another reality to the continent, which today, May 25, is celebrating its day

Cuba and Kenya sign medical cooperation agreement


Cuban health authorities announced May 24, the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the island and Kenya, which seeks to establish medical cooperation in the African nation by the end of this year

Henry Reeve Contingent to receive award from the World Health Organization

Henry Reeve

The Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specializing in Disasters and Serious Epidemics will be awarded the Dr. Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health by the World Health Organization this May 26, in recognition of its solidarity work and outstanding contribution to public health

Vietnam has fulfilled Ho Chi Minh’s dream


The best homage of the Vietnamese people to Ho Chi Minh is to have amply fulfilled his dream of building a nation ten times more beautiful, after the destruction unleashed on the country by the U.S. Army


Support for Constituent Assembly grows

Support for Constituent Assembly grows.

Health care workers took to the streets yesterday, May 17, to support the revolutionary government's call for a Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

The valley of tears

Libya had one of the highest development rates in Africa, however the country is now unrecognizable following NATO intervention.

Libya had one of the highest development rates in Africa before the 2011 NATO intervention, but the country is now unrecognizable


China fine tuning its cooperation machine


China is currently constructing a new economic belt designed to boost interconnectivity between Asia, Africa, and Europe along the same route traveled over 2,000 years ago by merchants and traders transporting silk from the East to the West


U.S. relentlessly attacks Venezuela


Through various representatives, the United States government has undertaken a total of 105 hostile actions and statements against Venezuela during the first five months of 2017


Six in the race to Sa’dabad Palace

This May 19 Iranians go to the polls to decide which of the six candidates will become the twelfth president of the country.

This May 19 Iranians go to the polls to decide which of the six candidates, approved by the Council of Guardians of Iran, will become the twelfth president of the country, in a particularly tense environment due to the economic crisis and armed conflicts across the region

The dark side of the White Helmets


There is no shortage of information that casts doubt on the true intentions of those who created and support the White Helmets in Syria

Nicaragua’s honor will not be crushed

Nicaragua’s honor will not be crushed.

Today, various historians agree that were it not for the events of May 4, 1927, in Nicaragua, the victory of the Sandinista Revolution of July 19, 1979, would not have occurred

Salvadorans who studied in Cuba ratify their commitment to social work


Representatives of Salvadorans who studied and graduated in Cuba held a preparatory meeting in the lead up to their annual assembly at the Our America cultural center; a space for the exchange of experiences, to draw up solidarity actions and join forces in the face of common challenges

Venezuela to withdraw from OAS

Maduro called on the country’s youth to unite in order to build peace.

The announcement of Venezuela’s withdrawal from the Organization of American States (OAS) was made yesterday, April 26, by the country’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez, following fresh intervention attempts by the bloc


The same old accusations

The U.S. government has failed to comply with due process and committed torture and harassment of prisoners detained in the Guantánamo Naval Base, on illegally occupied Cuban territory.

According to the “logic” of U.S. administrations, Cuba violates human rights because it has resisted more than 55 years of a cruel blockade, imposed by Washington itself with the aim of starving the Cuban people

Brazil: In the aftermath of a coup


The Brazilian people demonstrated in the streets after the coup against the constitutional President Dilma Rousseff, and demanded the removal from power of Michel Temer

Work of Cuban medical brigade in Peru praised

Work of Cuban medical brigade in Peru praised

Peru’s Health Minister, Patricia García, and the Governor of Piura, Reynaldo Hilbck, praised the work of the Cuban medical brigade treating victims of the floods which recently hit the country

The anniversary of an immense task

An ophthalmology consultation at the Tulio Pineda Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI), part of the Barrio Adentro Mission, located in San Juan de los Morros, Guarico State, Venezuela.

This April 16 was commemorated in Venezuela for more than one reason. The date marks the realization of a dream of Fidel and Chávez: the Barrio Adentro Mission, whose 14-year history makes it a unique achievement

Almagro, the OAS, and the stench of sulphur


How can it be possible for an organization that violates its very own institutional procedures to assert that a state is suffering the alteration of its democratic order?

36 years later, Oscar López returns to his hometown


After serving 36 years in prison in the United States, Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar López Rivera held an emotional encounter with residents of his hometown, San Sebastián del Pepino, a mountainous region located in the center of the island

Growing support for Constituent Assembly in Venezuela


The call for a Constituent Assembly is gaining ground, as organized political forces met May 8 to discuss the convocation, with the opposition coalition MUD, instigator of violent protests, still refusing to participate

Trafficking in persons: Life is not a commodity

Trafficking in persons: Life is not a commodity

Trafficking in persons, considered to be a “21st century form of slavery,” is a phenomenon that transcends borders and demonstrates that in many parts of the world, human rights are still not guaranteed

Maduro: Venezuela demands respect


Nicolás Maduro criticized the interventionist attempts of certain nations that have allied with Venezuela’s domestic extreme right to destabilize the government

Development to offset migration


During the meeting on human rights of migrants, Amorós stressed the need to substantially modify the unjust and exclusionary international economic order, in order to target the root cause of the migratory phenomena

Unity to strengthen ALBA


Leaders from ALBA member countries reiterate commitment to regional integration and solidarity

U.S. blockade of Cuba violates international law


Participants in a colloquium on current affairs in Cuba denounce U.S. policy, noting that fines for a total of 14 billion dollars have been levied on international banks and companies for alleged violations of blockade regulations

ELN: The next chapter in Colombia’s peace process


The light from a kerosene lamp illuminates the faces of several youths who, in the heart of the Colombian jungle, made the decision to rise up in arms to overthrow the country’s oligarchy and install a new revolutionary government

Ukraine: High tension & low temperatures


It’s February, and exactly as was the case three years ago, events in Ukraine are making headlines. Guns are again being fired; deaths and injuries are being reported. Low temperatures of below 20o Celsius are affecting the region these days, but they have not lowered tensions in a conflict, which far from nearing a resolution, is worsening

African Union condemns U.S. blockade

union africana

On the last day of the African Union Summit, held in Ethiopia, Heads of State and Government of the continental organization reaffirmed their unanimous rejection of the genocidal policy against Cuba

Never has it been more necessary to effectively advance along the path of unity

Never has it been more necessary to effectively advance along the path of unity.

Speech by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, at the 5th CELAC Summit, in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, on January 25, 2017, “Year 59 of the Revolution.”

Venezuela delivers 1.4 million housing units


Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced on January 19 that the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV, Spanish acronym) had reached the goal of delivering 1,400,000 homes throughout the countr

U.S. imposes more fines to enforce the blockade


The U.S. Treasury Department has imposed fines on the nonprofit organization Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy and the Canadian bank Toronto Dominion (TD), for $10,000 and $955,750, respectively

Daniel Ortega to be sworn in on January 10

Latin American left looks to strengthen unity in Nicaragua


Representatives of various left political parties and groups from across Latin America are meeting in Nicaragua, reviewing an official proposal to strengthen unity among progressive movements in the region

Tribute to Fidel in Grenada


A special tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution was held during the celebration of the 44th anniversary of relations between Cuba and the Caribbean Community

Cuba, a global example


In the context of World Human Rights Day, Colombian Henry Acosta, facilitator to the ongoing peace process between his country’s government and the FARC-EP, noted that in regards to human rights, today Cuba is not only an example for Latin America, but also the world

Temer to "tighten belts" in Brazil


Fully installed in Brazil's Planalto executive headquarters, interim President Michel Temer has launched the neoliberal plan he promised.

Free Puerto Rican prisoner Oscar López Rivera!


“The legal and political battle for the release of Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar López Rivera is intensifying," affirmed José Juan Nazario de la Rosa, a member of the legal team working on the case


Agreements awaiting implementation


The six agreements reached during the second meeting of the dialogue between the Chavista government and the opposition coalition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), would appear to suggest that, for now at least, opposition forces have recognized that no extreme solution will resolve Venezuela’s political conflict and economic crisis

Trump wins U.S. elections

The magnate was elected thanks to the votes of millions of U.S. citizens, the majority white and living in rural areas, who are disenchanted with the country's direction and traditional Washington politicians

Continental Day for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism


Tomorrow, November 4 will see activities at the University of Havana to mark the Continental Day for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, with the certainty that an organized and active people is the best antidote to a return to the past in Latin America and the Caribbean

The blockade persists


The extraterritorial application of the blockade is preventing the donation of a piano to Cuba from the UK