Bebo is Cuban


The decades he lived far away, first in Sweden and later in Spain, never made Bebo Valdés less ours, or stopped him from promoting Cuban music

“The blockade of Cuba must end.”

hay que terminar2

Paul Laverty, author of the screenplay for the prizewinning film on the life of dancer Carlos Acosta, describes the U.S. blockade as a disgrace

José Martí Cultural Society promotes an indispensable legacy

Abel Prieto is the new director of the Martí Program Office, following the path forged by Dr. Armando Hart. Pictured with him are Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, and Víctor Gaute, a member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat.

The José Martí Cultural Society has 14,877 active members, grouped in 1,061 clubs, and promotes values like patriotism, solidarity, respect for diversity, anti-racism, and peace, among children, adolescents, and youth, via serious, objective study of the nation’s history

Sergio & Serguéi


Maestro of the best melodrama, Ernesto Daranas has now resorted to tragicomedy to recreate an era with a touch of the fabulous, offering a film worthy of being seen and analyzed

Film and dance with Carlos Acosta


The long-awaited biographical film about Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta will premiere during the San Sebastián Film Festival, in this Basque city, September 21- 29

The latest on video game development in Cuba


The majority of Cuban-produced video games are created for environmental, educational, therapeutic, and mental agility purposes, aimed at a range of users, although the focus is on younger generations


A summer palace (+Photos)

Among the valuable tableware that the Museum of the City treasures today is this dish with the coat of arms of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Robust, regal and beautiful, the Palace/Museum is considered an example of what has been called Cuban Baroque architecture, and occupies an entire block • It is located on the west side of the Plaza de Armas, the oldest square in the city

Always Omara


Egrem studios presents Omara Portuondo’s latest CD confirming the diva’s continued relevance

Behind the vanguard: Fruitful and inclusive arts education


The broad and diverse cultural festival entitled “Artes de Cuba: From the Island to The World,” to take place May 8 through June 3 in Washington’s Kennedy Center, reflects the island's sustained and fruitful arts education program, key to the training of new talent

Trova with a cause


The Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival, the oldest event of its kind in the country, is running March 15 through 19 in Santiago de Cuba, a city where the genre has never lost its preeminence

African legacy in Old Havana


The Casa de Africa is hosting the 22nd Social and Cultural Afro-American Anthropology Workshop January 4-6, focused on the history of enslaved Blacks and the contributions of their descendents to the development of Cuban identity

Cuba’s International Book Fair opens (+ Photos)


With the presence of Party Political Bureau members Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, and Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, the 27th International Book Fair was officially inaugurated this Thursday, February 1, in Havana’s San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress