The Yankee and the modern


As a sign of U.S. cultural hegemony, the identification of“the Yankee” with “modernity” seems to have remerged in Cuba. Those who want to attract clients with a “modern” appeal use symbols of the North: Santa hats, names in English for different spaces, Disney or Halloween costumes

A biennial for the public

Inauguracion de la XIII Bienal de La Habana: Detrás del muro, desde la punta hasta el parque Antonio Maceo, por la avenida Malecón

The participation of artists, curators, critics, and promoters from 52 countries was indicative of the sustained prestige the event has earned

The Casa on its 60th anniversary


Alongside the Casa, with the Havana Malecón as the backdrop, under a torrential downpour, Silvio sang in honor of Haydée Santamaría, and the anniversary of an institution that supported him from the beginning


JR in Chinatown

JR in Chinatown

The renowned French artist JR is participating in the XIII Biennial of Havana with his thought-provoking giant photographs

The Garden of Tomás Núñez


Interview with the Cuban visual artist participating in the Ninth Biennial, underway in Havana April 12- May 12, along with some 200 creators from around the world

On the occasion of the Book Fair

Pabellón cuba-Feria del Libro-2019

Reading must become a habit early on, to encourage the search for truth, the ability to concentrate, and creative imagination

The Cobre Steel Band


With a fruitful, 30-year career under its belt, the Cobre Steel Band has won a spot in the musical tastes of Cubans


Percussion in classical music

Canadian quartet, Repercussion, alongside Aldo Mazza (first on the right), in a special concert performed with the National Symphony Orchestra in Covarrubias Hall.

The 18th Drum Festival this year was dedicated by its creator, Giraldo Piloto, to the 500th anniversary of Havana, and to Spain

Santiago’s path

santiago alvarez

“The role of film and journalism is not to solve problems that arise, but to … help clarify and reflect,” according to Cuban filmmaker, Santiago Álvarez, whose centenary was celebrated March 8

A few glimpses of the Book Fair in Havana

feria 1

During this 28th edition, the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress hosted dozens of book launches, colloquiums, conferences, awards, stands, and pavilions where 409,395 books were sold


A fortress of books every February

A fortress of books every February..

The fortress’ vaults serve as bookstores, with more than 600 new titles presented this year, while its bastions and parade grounds host tents for even more books


Self-employed street artists

Arigneyis Cruz Fernández as La Dama de la Buena Ventura (Lady of Good Fortune), alongside a real statue in tribute to Chopin.

IN the golden kilometer of Havana’s Historic District, which stretches from Cuba Street to Avenida del Puerto, crossing the Cathedral, Armas, San Francisco de Asis, Vieja and Cristo squares


Luces y Sombras: Preserving visual arts heritage

The Luces y Sombras documentary series began with a film on the life and work of maestro Alfredo Sosabravo, titled Personaje frente al sol (Figure facing the sun).

This year, in which the Cuban capital proudly celebrates its 500 years, the City Historian’s Office’s audiovisual production company has chosen 20 films for a Special Collection highlighting contemporary Cuban artists

Korda’s militia woman

Korda’s militia woman.

The story of Idolka Sánchez, the militia face immortalized by Korda’s lens in 1962, one of the millions of women protagonists of the Cuban Revolution

Projections for the new year from the Ministry of Culture

“Imagen 3” community project, organized by Cecilio Avilés.

A special place among priorities is afforded permanent dialogue with creators about their relationship to the Revolution’s Cultural Policy, in defense of identity and sovereignty in the face of imperialism’s colonizing model

Raven Wilkinson fought racism


On December 17, at the age of 83, ballet icon Raven Wilkinson, the first black woman to sign a contract with a major company, passed away

Cuban film posters are unique

el pueblo

The 40th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will feature several exhibitions of Cuban film posters, including Forty Years in Posters, Again... other classics and Titón: 90th Birthday

A Nobel Prize for Maryse Condé


The playwright and narrator born on the island of Guadeloupe in 1937, Maryse Condé, on October 12 was awarded The New Academy Prize announced by the Swedish academy, the newly created distinction known as “the Alternative Nobel”

Bebo is Cuban


The decades he lived far away, first in Sweden and later in Spain, never made Bebo Valdés less ours, or stopped him from promoting Cuban music

José Martí Cultural Society promotes an indispensable legacy

Abel Prieto is the new director of the Martí Program Office, following the path forged by Dr. Armando Hart. Pictured with him are Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, and Víctor Gaute, a member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat.

The José Martí Cultural Society has 14,877 active members, grouped in 1,061 clubs, and promotes values like patriotism, solidarity, respect for diversity, anti-racism, and peace, among children, adolescents, and youth, via serious, objective study of the nation’s history

Always Omara


Egrem studios presents Omara Portuondo’s latest CD confirming the diva’s continued relevance

Behind the vanguard: Fruitful and inclusive arts education


The broad and diverse cultural festival entitled “Artes de Cuba: From the Island to The World,” to take place May 8 through June 3 in Washington’s Kennedy Center, reflects the island's sustained and fruitful arts education program, key to the training of new talent

Trova with a cause


The Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival, the oldest event of its kind in the country, is running March 15 through 19 in Santiago de Cuba, a city where the genre has never lost its preeminence