The official acknowledged that relations can be improved, if both parts work to do so. The director general of the United States department in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, condemned on Wednesday the “punitive mentality” that Washington has towards Cuba. Vidal also said, during a press conference in Havana, that despite public opinion in the United States being in favor of ending the economic blockade against Cuba, Washington has not shown any signs or attempts to change its relationship with the island. “The punishment philosophy is still running,” said Vidal.

The United States “has not forgiven Cuba for deciding its own path,” added the Cuban high rank official. Since the Cuban Revolution succeeded in 1959, The United States has tried to bring down the socialist government. In 1962, Washington imposed harsh economic sanctions against Cuba, that have been condemned by the United Nations for 22 consecutive years. However, several polls have showed that the majority of the United States population backs the idea of strengthening ties between both countries and even lifting the trade sanctions.

However, Vidal also acknowledged that if both countries worked together, Cuba and the United States would be able to overcome their differences. “If Havana and Washington are committed to overcome this disagreement, that they have had for more than 55 years, it can be done” said Vidal. (Taken from TeleSur)