Cuba’s Minister of Public Health has reported the death, due to malaria and cerebral complications, of one of the country’s collaborators in Guinea Conakry, a member of the advance task force making preparations for the medical brigade which recently traveled to the country to fight the Ebola epidemic. In an official statement, published on the morning of October 27, the deceased was identified as 60 year old economist Jorge Juan Guerra Rodríguez, from the Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus, in the south central region of the country. According to the report, the collaborator traveled to Guinea Conakry as part of the advance task force, arriving there on October 6. It further states that, on October 22, Guerra began suffering from diarrhea, which was diagnosed as a food related illness, calling for symptomatic treatment, which was administered by the Cuban medical brigade. On October 23, with symptoms persisting, he was treated at the hospital in Donka, given antibiotics, as well as hydration and dietary treatment, showing clinical signs of improvement. The report states that on the morning of October 24, he was taken to the Pasteur Clinic, where laboratory tests were conducted. Failing to present any new symptoms and the diarrhea subsiding, it was decided to continue the same treatment, while awaiting the test results. The Ministry statement continues, “On the same day at 8:00pm, local time, signs and symptoms of worsening began to appear, suggesting malaria, for which an anti-malaria treatment was begun, and Guerra was transported to the Pasteur Clinic, where he was admitted, the diagnosis corroborated, and treatment continued. “A team of Cuban intensive care specialists with the brigade, who treated the patient along with the institution’s medical personnel, confirmed the diagnosis and recommended treatment.” The report states that given his economic role in the brigade, Guerra had no contact with the Ebola Treatment Centers, or with patients suffering from the virus, nonetheless, he was given two Ebola tests, both of which were negative. In the early hours of October 26, the statement explains, his conditioned worsened, resulting in multiple organ failure and finally his death in the evening. Gratitude was expressed to the Guinea Conakry Ministry of Health and Cooperation, as well as UN and WHO representatives, who treated and monitored the collaborator, remaining by his side, together with the Cuban ambassador and brigade leadership, until he died. Jorge Juan Guerra Rodríguez worked for more than 30 years at the Sancti Spíritus Provincial Health Ministry, served voluntarily on an international mission in Mali, and willingly joined the group of collaborators which departed for West Africa. The Cuban Ministry of Health statement concludes by offering sincere condolences to Guerra’s family and friends