Photo: Alberto Borrego

Cooperation between Cuba and China in the sphere of biotechnology has become a stimulus to further develop bilateral relations and has great future potential, stated Dr. Carlos Gutiérrez Calzado, president of BioCubaFarma, during the inauguration of the Eighth Joint Cuba-China Biotechnology Work Group.

The First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers and a member of the Party Political Bureau, Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez, attended the inauguration of the event taking place from June 29-30 in the capital’s Hotel Meliá Habana

This eighth edition has as its objective to review cooperation in the sector over the last two years, jointly analyze achievements and challenges, as well as promote new cooperation projects and establish guidelines on which to develop future relations between both nations in the biopharmaceutical sphere.

Dr. Gutiérrez Calzado, representing the Cuban side during this event, thanked the Asian nation for its efforts to raise the level of cooperation in this scientific area to such great heights.

Our governments, he said, have given us the task of promoting the development of the biotechnological industry and putting its achievements to the service of the people.

We must ensure our work has a positive impact on the health of both nations and makes an important contribution to ensuring the sustainable development of the quality of life of the peoples and national economies of Cuba and China, commented Gutiérrez Calzado.

Finally, he emphasized the importance of cooperation with china in the sphere of biotechnology for the country.

Cuba’s economic policy guidelines prioritize the expansion of achievements in the filed of biotechnology, the extension their usage and ways to share said achievements with the rest of humanity. “Cuba wishes to share them in particular with China,” as an expression of fraternity and to strengthen the historic and indestructible ties of friendship which unite us, stated the President of BioCubaFarma.

For her part, Lin Nian Xiu, vice president of the National Development and Reform Commission, highlighted that over the last 10 years cooperation has brought many mutual befits to both nations.

With the establishment of this work group, more than 20 Chinese companies have collaborated with Cuba and are looking to implement various biotechnology cooperation projects.

She announced that Chinese companies wish to open production workshops on the island, as well as invest in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

Furthermore, she stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation for the economic and social development of both peoples.

China, explained Lin Nian Xiu, is interested in broadening cooperation in this area and is planning future projects through this mechanism, as well as working with universities, and financial institutions, among others.

52 Chinese and 48 Cuban participants are attending the event, which takes place every two years between Cuba and China. On this occasion the groups work will be divided up into five fundamental sub-commissions: Industry, Health Registration, Health, Science and Neurotechnology and Agriculture.