Sawn timber, pallets and wood chippings feature among the products sold internationally. Photo: Lorenzo Crespo

TEXTO: Havana.— Exports of forest products in Cuba have contributed more than 24 million dollars to the national economy over the last decade, according to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture (Minag).

Charcoal, pine oleoresin, forest seeds, sawn timber, pallets and wood chippings feature among some of the products sold internationally.

Raquel Palacios, expert from the Montaña Agriculture Business Group (GEAM), told AIN that revenue is directly reinvested into expanding production incentive systems.

She explained that the activity also contributes to improving staff working conditions, product development, recycling and packing plants.

Palacios also commented that in order to continue raising the profile of Cuban products on the international market it is necessary to introduce new technologies to exploit by-products which are currently disposed of such as coal dust and carbon deposits.

The country’s reforestation policy contributes to the systematic renovation of production zones and the sustainability of the forestry program, added the expert.

According to figures from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Cuba is one of the few countries in the world to see an annual increase in forested areas.

Cuba’s current forest index stands as 29.8%, while the government aims to continuing to diversifying tree species in order to sustain this achievement.