March 17, 2016.- Cuban students and youth, heirs and continuers of our tradition of struggle, understand the significance of the historic moment which we are living and support the position firmly expressed in the Editorial published in Granma, last March 9, which outlines Cuba’s position regarding President Barack Obama’s visit to our country March 20-22.

We are the proud children of a history of resistance and struggle which gives us the strength needed to assume today’s responsibilities and challenges, without renouncing the principles and values which have guided generations before us, forged in the ethical, humanist and anti-imperialist legacy of Martí, the rebellious spirit of Fidel, and heroism of the Cuban people.

The Revolution, with its free, quality, and globally renowned education system, has taught us respect and to defend the most just ideals; it has opened the doors to innumerable opportunities for professional, artistic and sporting development; raised the our level of health to among the top in the world, has guaranteed our active participation in the country’s decision making structures, with 101 young people currently serving as parliamentary deputies, while 15% of all constituency delegates are under 34 years of age, and thousands of young men and women occupy various management roles across political and economic spheres.

We members of the Federation of University Students, with a history of almost 100 years, the Federation of High School Students, or the Young Communists League itself, as representatives of an independent and sovereign people who will receive President Obama with consideration and respect. Here he will find a generation which abhors hate, racism, drugs, violence and egoism; a respectful, but firm generation; which has been able to resist many years of an inhumane blockade which attempts to crush us and destroy the dreams of millions of Cubans who have been born under the weight of this unjust policy, which has negatively impacted our children and youth, limiting their full physical and intellectual development.

We are part of a country committed to its ideals of social justice and ready and willing to build a new relationship with the United States, on the basis of mutual respect and with full recognition of the fact that Cuban youth, for whom the U.S. government has designed numerous subversive programs, all doomed to failure, have assumed the unwaveringly commitment to continue the work of the Revolution, defend the gains of the socialist society we are building, ready to face whatever challenges may threaten these efforts.