Representatives from 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries have confirmed their participation in the First Disabled Women Leaders Regional Seminar-Workshop, scheduled to take place in Havana, June 6-10.
Osvaldo Hidalgo Domínguez, vice president of the Cuban Association of Persons with Physical and Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM), reported that the aim of the encounter is to share experiences, develop tools for empowerment and approve actions supporting the struggle for equality and justice.
ACLIFIM, which works to defend the rights of disabled women, chairs the region of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, in the Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families.
Also participating in the Seminar-Workshop will be prestigious organizations, institutions and experts in the field of disabilities from various countries of the region.
Topics to be discussed will include disabilities, justice and gender, rights recognized both nationally and internationally, as well as the functioning of related organizations and the problem of double discrimination and violence suffered by disabled women.
Other topics on the agenda will be disabled women leaders, disabled women and the family, maternal and sexual rights, disabled persons rights to freedom of movement and sexual orientation, and disabled women in rural areas, indigenous or displaced communities or situations of conflict.
The First Disabled Women Leaders Regional Seminar-Workshop is the result of a strategic action plan to address issues affecting disabled women approved at a meeting held in Havana in April 2015.