Photo: Vicente Brito

The Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee Political Bureau has approved the selection of the province of Sancti Spíritus as the site of the national celebration of the 63rd anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons, this coming July 26.

The decision was made taking into consideration the work done by cadre, leadership bodies, workers and the people in this province, as an expression of a positive political and moral environment, reflected in popular support and participation in the Revolution's principal tasks and principles

The province of Sancti Spíritus has achieved sustained growth in basic economic and social indicators, including increases in production, specifically of food, and has consistently met sugar production goals.

Planned income has been surpassed and expenditures reduced, making for a positive budget balance, with significant tax contributions from state enterprises and the private sector, while the province's plans to develop tourism have shown positive results.

In the social arena, noteworthy are the completion of a number of public works, on the occasion of the 500th anniversaries of two cities in the province, to improve cityscapes and better meet the population's needs, with advances in education, health and culture.

Also recognized was the awareness of problems on the part of grassroots political organizations and the government, and their commitment to taking concrete steps to resolves these.

All of this, along with the province's historic contribution to the Revolution's work, have earned Sancti Spíritus this honor.