Photo: Jose M. Correa

"We must fight against "trashy" movies and series, the distorting messages of commercial advertising, reality shows, the influence of celebrities and their "nonsense," stated Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto Jiménez, participating in the panel "History taught through audiovisuals” by the Network in Defense of Humanity, which took place on the fourth day of the International Pedagogy Congress 2017.
The Minister spoke in detail about the influence of the U.S. media, the misrepresentation of reality, and how this tries to distract young people from what is going on around them. The idea is that they view genocide, immigration, and other phenomena as issues that affect others, rather than thinking about changing what happens around them.

He also highlighted the need for Cuban and Latin American educators to evoke the great liberators of the continent, such as José Martí and Sucre; to read more and use technology to enhance their knowledge.

Meanwhile, René González Barrios, President of the Cuban Institute of History, recalled the various occasions on which the island has been morally attacked by the mass media. Regarding history, he warned how it is sometimes the object of manipulation, noting that "(history) is today the most steadfast ideological support of our national project. It stands as a weapon and tool for teachers, politicians and citizens to strengthen our identity."