Photo: Anabel Díaz

Havana.– Over 20,000 major, minor, and minimal access surgeries were performed at the capital’s General Calixto García Clinical-Surgical Teaching Hospital last year, according to the institution’s Director, Dr. Carlos Alberto Martínez Blanco.
Speaking to Agencia Cubana de Noticias Martínez Blanco explained that during that period the hospital treated 157,273 outpatients and almost 141,000 individuals affiliated with the Natural and Traditional Medicine Program.
The Hospital director, also a deputy to the Cuban Parliament, noted that the institution has 37 medical specialties, 25 of which are offered as certified degree courses; while Emergency department staff treated some 215,000 people last year.
In this regard Martínez Blanco noted that the hospital has treated multiple-trauma, grave and critical patients from La Habana Vieja, La Habana del Este, Centro Habana, the Isle of Youth Special Municipality and Mayabeque Province, among others.
The Emergency Department at the Calixto García, which celebrated its 121st anniversary January 23, is renowned for its multiple-trauma patient care and offers round the clock specialized, preventative-curative and rehabilitation treatments.
Given the quality of treatment it provides, the Hospital is has also become a national reference center for various specialties, including reconstructive surgery for critical burn patients; advanced management of multi-trauma cases, and bariatric, spinal and traumatic neurosurgical injuries.
Finally, Dr. Martínez Blanco also highlighted the results of surgical ear operations performed at the hospital.