As part of their regular duties, 325 deputies, with the support of representatives from the National Associations of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), will conduct monitoring visits March 1-25 across the country, to verify implementation of measures approved by the National Assembly.

The visits to all of the nation's municipalities were planned to follow up on decisions made during the 8th Legislature's 8th Period of Ordinary Sessions, in particular recommendations made by the Economic Affairs Commission, according to its vice president, Armando Utrera.

Utrera spoke with the press at the National Assembly's newly restored headquarters at the Capitolio, and reported that deputies are interested in seeing what has been done over the last two months to implement action plans and measures adopted, which emerged from proposals made by Army General Raúl Castro, President of the Councils of State and Ministers in his closing remarks to the Assembly last December; as well as reports presented by Lina Pedraza, minister of Finances and Prices; and Ricardo Cabrisas, Minister of Economy and Planning.

The substitution of imports with domestic products; conservation and efficient use of resources, in particular energy, with the careful control of gasoline and electricity; as well as results achieved by enterprise management, with an emphasis on food production, are among the specific issues which will be the focus the deputies' attention.

The execution of budgets; quality of work done on investment projects; and the revision of income plans will also be checked by deputies, along with progress in collecting tax contributions from state enterprises, the self employed, and cooperatives.

Also scheduled are dialogues with presidents of municipal assemblies and heads of administrative councils - in the case of Mayabeque and Artemisa provinces - as well as visits to neighborhood Popular Councils. Utrera noted the importance of these councils in terms of policy implementation, since they are the government bodies closest to the population.

Information gathered during the verification process will be presented in April by the National Assembly of People's Power's President.