Photo: Vicente Brito

The fourth and last round of accountability reports for this term, presented by People's Power Municipal Assembly delegates to their electors, begin today in Guantánamo with the holding of 25 pilot meetings.

Given the exceptional circumstances existent in this province, where recovery efforts are still underway in the wake of damage caused by Hurricane Matthew, the accountability process will begin here 15 days before the rest of the country, in the five municipalities less affected by the storm: Guantánamo, Niceto Pérez, Caimanera, Manuel Tames and El Salvador.

In accordance with the timeline established, the municipalities of Maisí, Baracoa, Imías, San Antonio del Sur and Yateras, which suffered extensive damage, will begin their meetings April 15.

The last round of accountability reports held around the country were cancelled in Guantánamo as a result of the hurricane, and planned this time are 2,900 meetings, 36 more than previously held.

Nancy Acosta Hernández, president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power called for analysis of the principal problems facing neighborhoods and the collective search for solutions.

The direct interaction between delegates and the population is critical to Cuba's political and institutional system, she said, thus emphasizing the careful attention required in preparing and conducting each of these gatherings.