A wind farm. Photo: Froilán Parra

Havana.- The future of renewable energy sources (RES) in Cuba and the Caribbean will be discussed in an important forum scheduled to take place May 31 through June 2 in Havana.
To be reviewed during the Ninth International Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Energy Education Conference (CIER 2017), is the efficient use of renewable energy sources and the search for new ways of applying them, according to engineer Joel Morales Salas, president of the event organizing committee.
The aim of the conference is to increase the contribution of RES to regional electricity networks, stated Morales Salas, who noted that the capital’s Habana Libre hotel will host delegates from various countries attending the event, sponsored by Cuba’s Center for Renewable Energy Technologies and Research (CETER).
He went on to described the Conference as an excellent setting in which to share experiences and establish alliances to achieve sustainable energy development in the region, while the maxim of the event is “The Caribbean moving toward one hundred percent renewable energy.”
The event is being organized by CETER, affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the José Antonio Echeverría University of Technology, alongside the World Eolic Energy Association, the Cuban Society for the Promotion of RES, Ministry of Higher Education, and National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers.
The Conference will also include various international workshops on eolic energy, hydrogen fuel alternatives, photovoltaic solar power, and biomass; as well as energy management, efficiency and saving measures.