Photo: Ismael Batista

Opening yesterday, March 21, was the 2nd International Convention Cubagua 2017, in Havana's Convention Center, a promising opportunity for scientific exchange and exhibits highlighting the efficient, productive use of water.

The gathering has brought together experts from some 20 countries to participate in different events including a workshop on Integrated Management of Water Basins, the 13th International Congress of Water Engineering, the 9th Seminar on Integrated Water Use, and the 2nd Technical-Commercial Symposium.

Inés María Chapman, president of Cuba's National Water Resources Institute (INRH), opened the first session, commenting that the Cubagua convention is distinguished by its comprehensive, integrated conception of water issues, based on the basic premise of promoting understanding of the need to conserve water.

Cubagua 2017, under the banner of "The challenge of water and climate change" is sponsored by the INRH, the Water Engineering Society of the National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba, with the support of the Autonomous University of Chapingo, in Mexico, among other entities.

Also attending the inaugural day were Ulises Rosales del Toro, a Council of Ministers vice president; United Nations representatives; as well as ministers and water sectors leaders from Cuba and abroad.